Matrix V Gold Edition : Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier

Information for Very Advanced, Dominant and Final Incarnations
From The Perspective of a Final 3rd Density Incarnation
© Leading Edge International Research Group. All Rights Reserved.
 GOLD EDITION, 600 pages, March 2003, 8½x11 Velo Bound, 
with Color Cover, Plates, Illustration and Extensive Index.
Edited by Val Valerian 
PUBLISHED from 2003-2011 

Have You Ever Wondered:

Who Are You, Really? Why Are You Here? What is Life Really About? 
Why Is Your Life The Way It Is? What Really Comes Afterward? 
How Do You Sort Through All The Bullshit? How Do You Find Balance? 
What's the Larger Context of Reality Within Which We Experience?
What is Behind Experience? What Are Polarities About?
How can I develop the discernment necessary to sort through all the confusion during this important period in history? 
Why are most websites useless red herrings for those seeking Self-Knowledge? 
 Why Are We Being Lied To Constantly?
What Are Light and Dark Polarities?
How Are Peace-Marchers Actually Feeding the Dark Side?
 How Are Warmongers Actually Feeding the Light Side? 
 Why do you still feel unsatisfied no matter what books you seem to read out there, in your search-for-self and the meaning of life?
What is the larger nature of reality and what are the real factions which grapple for control? Why?
What's the real deal with 'aliens'? 
  Why has the population of Earth been consistently thwarted from expansion into space? What's the Agenda?
 What is Incarnation all about? What is the truth behind genderization of bodies? What Does It All Mean?

Deduce the answers to these questions and many many hundred more!  

About The Matrix V Project

See Author's Intro for History

In 1999, the same year the Matrix V Project began, the public was shown the movie Matrix in theaters, which gave a glimpse into the possibilities inherent in technological manipulation of society and individual reality. It left a lot of people thinking about the reality in which we exist on this planet. But, there is a real Matrix that is even larger than anything even hinted at in the movie - a Matrix in which human experience on Earth is but a small part of a much larger picture - beyond society, beyond the planet, beyond the alien paradigms, beyond religion and beyond all belief systems on the 3rd and 4th densities. The "big questions" that people have on this planet - why we're here, who we really are and what life is really about - are not questions that cultures have answers for. There are plenty of "new age" paradigms around, but none of them have any real answers either, which is why people are stuck on "the eternal search" for truth. They won't find it within their Earth-bound personality, within all the paradigms that permeate all cultures on the planet that depend on identification with body and gender, and they won't find it in the paradigms of religion. Where is it, and what is really going on here on Earth? 

One of the keys to discovery of the Ultimate Matrix is out-of body experience and long-time observation of what is actually out there, who we really are, and what it means to incarnate in a body here on Earth. Matrix V is all about your Higher Self, who you really are, your journey of self-discovery on this planet, and what's really going on, both here on Earth and in the density levels which lie just outside our 3rd density level. It is not based on beliefs or belief systems. The scope of the material in Matrix V exceeds that of any existing literature, which will become quite evident to the reader. If you identify with your body or your gender, or are comfortable in your "human" existence, do not buy Matrix V. You will not be ready for this advanced material, which is geared toward Advanced, Dominant and Final 3rd density incarnational perspectives. Matrix V is, no doubt, one of the most spiritually enlightening books ever printed, and at the same time to the factions that control this planet - and control anything anywhere - this is the most dangerous information ever released to mankind because it discusses who we really are, what the polarity-based control structures are really about, and the truth about incarnational experience on Earth. It is also a book that concerns accurate information about what is beyond the 3rd density and higher, based on direct observational explorations that have lasted more than a decade. It is a book that deals with the big questions in life - who we are, and why we are here. 

It can be safely said that it accurately describes, based on direct observational experience, the nature of the Higher Self and human incarnations, ancient manipulation of human DNA , the genderization of the human body, the mechanics of incarnation and detailed information on the realms which we perceive when we become independent of the body after physical death. Matrix V, in effect, decodes earth reality, as well as the reality beyond the earth experience, in a way that has never been achieved in human literature. Are you a "man" or a "woman"? No. You are an androgynous being using a genderized body for experience. Only "men" and "women" buy into the cultural belief, which promotes identification with the body and gender, and they will continue to revel in Earth life and seek gratification and fulfillment of the DNA programming to which they have become slaves. The actual beginning point of these explorations started experientially with actual exploration of other densities slightly out of phase with ours, using out of body travel, however, the scope of this book far exceeds anything ever completed by Robert Monroe, author of three famous books on the subject, Journeys Out Of the Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey. In fact, Matrix V Gold Edition is so far beyond the material Robert Monroe or any other explorer has ever released that it constitutes a major key for discovery for those Higher Self incarnations that are on the verge of spiraling out of this reality altogether. Think we're kidding? See link below to 32 pages of reader comments.

If you are at a position in life at this time where you seek more than what is around you in the controlled, idiotic culture we live in, more than religions, channeling, alien contactees, belief systems and the pathetic body of knowledge on this planet, Matrix V is for you. For more than two years, we have been leaking some of the information out to the public, who have responded with questions, and a tremendous body of follow-up material has developed which enhances the main series of segments which are collectively called Information for Very Advanced, Dominant and Final Incarnations  



 Subject Material Covered in the Matrix 5 Gold Series

About The Gold Edition

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Graphic Depiction of Higher Self in Simultaneous Mode  


The Second Edition of the book came out in August 2001. It featured 146 segments with 300 Q&A on the material. After 2 years  elapsed, the 600 page third and final edition (the GOLD EDITION) was released in March 2003. Much more advanced, the book has more than 340 segments (including 50 never before published), 439 Q&A on the material and a large 862 line-item index. Matrix V GOLD EDITION is the most advanced material available on the planet for those predisposed to evolving perspectives.

The collection of material represents over 770 potentially unique keys to personal evolution, with thousands of sub-keys throughout the book covering the spectrum of incarnations likely to read the book. The segments cover 9 major areas: Incarnations of the Higher Self, The Third Density Game, Incarnations of Nature Spirit, Body and Gender on the Third Density, Death of the Physical Vehicle, Alien Influence on Third Density, Third Density Programming, The Third Density EndGame, and Beyond The EndGame.

The Gold Edition also contains an additional new color graphic depicting Higher Selves in sequential mode, where all of us who now have simultaneous processes originally began, before our choice to go simultaneous. Matrix V reveals who we really are, apart from culture and body, why we’re here, what the polarity-based control structures on Earth are really about, and accurate information about what is beyond the 3rd density and higher, based on direct observational experience that has lasted more than a decade. No belief systems, speculation or game-related traps in this book. We’re going outside the box. Matrix V contains information that the light side, dark side and alien groups (and their promoters) do not want you to know. It will allow you to see through all their vast manipulations, and the extension of those manipulations in Earther society. Matrix V is a book that deals with the big questions in life - who we are, and why we are here. 

In a world where 99% of the information available constitutes a ‘red herring’, leading people away from realizing who they are, Matrix V is truly an anomaly, laying out a greater context which can be used to evaluate all other existing information - a dimensional information template which has proven over the last two years to have the ability to vastly transform the lives of those consciously expanding their individual perspective. It also discusses the ongoing dynamics on this planet, including the alien factor (sequential Higher Self incarnations), incarnations of the Earth Spirit into human form (minion incarnations) and simultaneous Higher Self incarnations. All the ‘humans’ you see on Earth are not using the same incarnational dynamic. Matrix V reveals the drama of the Dark side and Light side polarities on Earth, and their relationship with control factors having their origin with alien (sequential) control of the planet. Without this information, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to try and understand what’s happening on the planet at this time, the purpose of experience, the players and the various levels of play that comprise the planetary EndGame in which you exist at this time. Matrix V discusses information intended for advanced incarnational perspectives - those that involved searching for who they are,, progressing ‘out of the box’ and on the way out of ‘The Game. 

It can be safely said (after examining existing literature out there) that it is virtually the only book on the planet that accurately discusses the Higher Self, human incarnations, ancient manipulation of human DNA, the genderization of the human body, and the mechanics of incarnation and detailed information on the realms which we perceive when we become independent of the body after its death. Matrix V is a vast treasure trove of vital information.  

Matrix V, in effect, decodes earth reality, as well as the reality beyond the earth experience, in a way that has never been achieved in human literature. Are you really a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’? No. You are spiritual being using a genderized body for experience. Only ‘men’ and ‘women’ buy into the cultural belief that promotes identification with the body and gender, and they continue to revel in Earth life and seek gratification and fulfillment of the DNA programming to which they have become slaves. This is all fine, because we all have incarnations that do this. However, if you are coming from a more evolved perspective in this incarnation, Matrix V is for you. The actual beginning point of these explorations started experientially with actual exploration of other densities slightly out of phase with ours, using out of body travel, however, the scope of this book far exceeds anything ever completed by Robert Monroe, author of three famous books on the subject, Journeys Out Of the Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey. 

A review of existing literature outside of Matrix V (other than Monroe) indicates at most only exploration in the belief-system areas in the lower 4th, encoded with light-side polarity or material of sequential origin, all meant to divert the conscious explorer from finding out what’s really going on and preventing resonance and connection with Higher Self. There are loads of traps out there! Identify them here.In truth, this book goes far beyond the material Robert Monroe or any other explorer has ever released. It constitutes major keys for discovery for those Higher Self incarnations that are on the verge of spiraling out of this reality altogether. If you are at a position in life at this time where you seek more than what is around you in the controlled, idiotic culture we live in, more than religions, channeling, alien contactees, belief systems and the pathetic body of knowledge on this planet, Matrix V Gold Edition is for you. 

Included in the book are 2 color artworks depicting the Library on Monroe focus level 27 (as visited by The Author of the material), essential extracts from the Handbook for the New Paradigm (instead of the whole Handbook, which is mid-advanced material freely available on the internet and in print, freeing up space to accommodate the new material), sections that explain the dynamic element of synchronicity and a re-release of one of our investigations into influence over general education on out of body experience by government and non-human factions. Without the information in Matrix V Gold Edition, decoding what is happening on Earth is literally impossible. There are too many barriers in the way. 

Click Here for the Daily Sample Excerpt from the Matrix 5 Material

Remember: If you identify with your body or your gender, or are comfortable in your "human" existence, you might not be ready for this level of information. See the Reader Comments section for comments from 'males' and 'females' who went through a few of these issues while reading the book, yet pulled themselves the rest of the way out and realized truly who they were! Amazing!

" The more I observe, the more is verified by everything I've read in the Matrix 5 material. I find myself more interested in observing the mechanics of the game, especially noticing where people are stuck at and how hard they seem to be striving to break through their comprehension of what is happening. I have no interest in participating in the game anymore, other than asking people questions and observing their responses. Above a certain level, I will get no response, so I just leave it. So many levels of comprehension out there that I can observe, and yet I've gone through a number of these levels myself somewhat rapidly. Without having read Matrix 5 I would not be anywhere near the level of comprehension I'm at now. I'm still learning; it seems that the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know. I found your site in my search for knowledge, and I received much more than I thought possible. I find answers by looking within, and initially I was shocked that so much was verified by the Matrix 5 information; I'm not even shocked anymore. It is greatly appreciated." D.B. 6/18/04

"Thank you! In fact, the book arrived in the mail when I got home that evening. I've just begun reading...but am even more amazed and excited than I thought I would be. I won't bore you with the series of events which lead me to my familiarity with Robert Monroe's work, but it's uncanny how these ideas are coalescing in my life. It's quite reassuring (and amusing at times!) that it's actually ME who has been leading myself to these discoveries all along. What fun! Thank you once again! E.S. 6/25/04

I've just finished Matrix V  Volume II - Thank you so much. Completion of Volume II has lead me back to Matrix V Gold Edition Volume One. Last night, I started rereading Matrix V Gold Edition Volume One. for the second (2) time. This time I feel I will even get a better understanding now that I have more information and a higher sense of awareness. Rosa 7/8/04

More Comments

MATRIX V POSTERS – This was an inevitable development. The cover of Matrix V is amazing as is, but it looks fantastic blown up to 18x24. The original huge graphic file was used, so quality is simply “unearthly”.  We are making the cover graphic available, suitable for framing or mounting. Price includes printing, laminating, packing and mailing. In the US, all posters are sent Priority Mail.  See order form.

  Awareness and Perspective Levels- An Explanation    

Definition of  Some Terms Used in Matrix V 

Shim: A term created as a pronoun referring to the Higher Self and the energy of the incarnations (spirit) of the Higher Self. 'Shim' is a combination of "she" and "him". Since everything we talk about in Matrix V is relative to the Higher Self, a correct word was needed, as there is NO English pronoun for being BOTH male and female. The incarnations of the Higher Self are suppressed by the Higher Self in response to shim's willing participation in the Game. Most incarnations on Earth have been conditioned by cultural programming. This is partially to empower the alien DNA commands in the Earther human body and to make the spirit believe that the false identity of the body, the gender, or both is who you actually are. The prime goal of Earther incarnations is to overcome the body/cultural controls, to recognize who you really are and to have an infinitely wide range of experiences on third density Earth. The drive for Awareness increases with experiences and many incarnations. The third density incarnational cycle culminates with the Awakened Final Incarnation. The incarnational drive for Advancement is proportional to the degree of recognition of the existence of who you really are and are not (spirit vs body ID).

Incarnation: An experiential period of an extension of the Higher Self into an organic body. Incarnational experiences are dependent on the use of a physical form. Most of the experience of the Higher Self is non-incarnational. In the case of Earth experience, the expression of your Higher Self into a 3rd density, physical, humanoid body either sequentially or in numerous bodies simultaneously over the 3rd density space-time continuum. We are concerned primarily with Earth incarnations here in this material. When a person "dies", their spirit can interact on the astral in whatever way it is ready, whether to hang around a battlefield, a religious group, the advanced sections or anything in between. When the spirit decided it has had enough and wishes more (another incarnational experience), it "winks out" and that's where the "end" to the incarnation is. The Awareness, however, continues.  There is a nexus point for all the incarnations of the Higher Self that is signified by the winking out. Unfortunately, our linear perspective on Earth makes it VERY difficult to understand. The "linear mode" would comfortably say "he winked out and took on a new form." That would be fine if we had one incarnation at a time, but we (Earther incarnations) don't. Since we have all incarnations at the same time, each varying in length, that is not the case. Higher Self incarnations (low, middle, advanced, dominant and Final) do occur at different time periods in the 3rd density. For example, a Higher Self can choose to have Shim's Final Incarnation in Ancient Greece and a dominant in 1994, because each incarnation gets what SHIM needs out of different time periods. You could have your very first incarnation in 1994 and your Final in 200 BCE -- it's all up to the Higher Self, THE REAL YOU, depending on the experience SHIM wants!  (continues) 

Higher Self: The composite awareness of all incarnational and non-incarnational experience and acquired wisdom, existing on a higher density than any of its extensions which acquire experience. This is the REAL you. The Higher Self progresses in stages. Once you are finished with 3rd density incarnations and your Final Incarnation takes shim's Higher Self to the next level, that Higher Self of you becomes one facet in the next level of your progression and you have a higher version of your Higher Self to work with and gather new, totally different experiences. Eventually you reach a level where you create galaxies and design 3rd density events. It's super neat, but not of any particular concern at the 3rd density level. Even so, this is only another stage of your progression and not the end of it. After each 3rd density incarnation, we go to the 4th density (astral). When the individual incarnation is finished on the 4th density, shim returns to the Higher Self which is on a higher density. The drawing in the main material pretty accurately shows what our true form is, and you can see the form is nothing like human. After the Final Incarnation, all the incarnational streams are pulled back into the Higher Self and the next move is to another higher density than where the Higher Self currently resides gathering experiences in the form of incarnations. The Higher Self is not formless, shim is oval in form with a luminescent glow of energy.  The Higher Self is immortal and eternal. Shim can never die. (continues) 

Identity: The self-reflective aspect of awareness itself. Identity in its absolute form is awareness. In a physical incarnation the suppression of Shim occurs to one degree or another and the personality often assumes it alone constitutes identity, based on cultural programming, further complicated by identification with the body or gender of the body, or both, as well as occupation and a host of other "assignments". As the Higher Self gains Earth experiences, shim can exert increasing control over the identity. This takes hundreds of incarnations to accomplish, but the Higher Self always succeeds, no matter how many incarnations/identities it takes or desires.

Earther vs. Earthling: If you live on Earth, you're an Earther. Earthling is a derogatory term used by Dark aliens and accepted by fools as real. Think of duckling...a baby duck; hatchling...a helpless newborn from the egg. The origin is from the reptilians who look on Earthers as food/slaves/surrogates. The -ling addition says how they look on Earthers as under them, children to be ‘taken care of’ (that's another topic). As long as you allow that term by using it or not correcting others who do use it, the vibration of the term will continue. There have been some efforts made to change that. In the Babylon 5 series, for example, people were always Earthers. For some reason, in Star Trek, Earthers are never called such, but rather humans, making it sound like ‘all humans’ live on Earth!

Why There Is No "Matrix V Internet Discussion Group"

Shortly after Matrix V was first published, Val organized a forum on the internet for those who wanted to discuss M5 materials. We wanted to see where this would go. It wasn't too long after it started that we saw exactly what would happen in such a situation.

Due to the nature of the simultaneous path itself, the forum not only attracted some of the people it was written for, but a host of people that it was not written for. Many people had their own agendas formed by their polarity belief system. Disruptions were common as people, due to their limited perspectives based on where they are (as opposed to where they would like others to think they are) tried to put their own spin on the M5 materials despite having no experience in the areas that were mentioned. They would love to quote polarity icons in relation to M5 materials. Disruption and corruption were their intent whether intentionally or by being manipulated by lower astral entities. There were several attempts to hijack the forum and transform it to a Lightsider appearing love-fest.

Matrix V Gold Edition is, as I've written several times, unique. It is based on my personal experiences and observations. It is not meant to be a group blueprint. If anything, it is anti-group and extremely individual.

The sequential path is group oriented, as per segments in Matrix V Gold Edition. There are many sequential path aliens on Earth engaged in placing roadblocks in the paths of the simultaneous. Sequential pathers always want the group concept: one planet, one nation, one idea, one way and no dissent from that one way. It's the clashes of the 'one way ideas' that cause the wars and religious fanaticism of the (primarily) christians, jews and muslims. Attempting to warp/distort the M5 materials is a priority to the group consciousness people since Matrix V Gold Edition's existence in EndGame has given them fits. It is something that they never expected to become a reality and what they fear because of the knowledge contained within. The keys needed for simultaneous incarnates to spiral out of the Game and never before released, on Earth, and information about the Game itself has flustered them to no end. Tough shit!

Nevertheless, they continue to try and disrupt/distort the M5 materials. Bogus sites have been dealt with and unauthorized use of M5 segments will not be permitted because they have agendas of a personal nature, mainly to use the M5 materials to form groups and to 'convert' others. Remember the common phrase too: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Those who want these group endeavors are not Advanced enough to know that it is counterproductive on the internet or to handle the riff-raff that public forums always bring. It's one thing to expose someone to the materials, but another thing to argue the materials which is something else I won't do. If you don't like it, don't read doesn't matter to me. Those who need the keys have been finding them. The rest don't matter.

Val and I still get requests to form 'discussion groups'. If you have friends in your local area that you trust and can talk about what I've written, that's fine. However on the internet, you are opening yourself up to strangers with other agendas including sequentials and extreme polarity faithful who want nothing more than to halt the influence of M5 and drag people into dead ends to halt their progression. Val just got another request to form an internet group prompting me to write this segment.

NO such internet group will ever be authorized by Val or myself, so if you should find such an internet group or bulletin board, know that it is unsanctioned and that the materials will be warped. In one recent example, some turd is posted whole segments of M5 without even mentioning that they come from Matrix V Gold Edition. This turd even goes so far as to change my intent. For example, I purposely spell all religions with small case letters, but this turd changed them to capital letters. Doing that changes the thrust of the materials. He has his agenda which includes deception and theft. Be aware of this type of person.

Corruption is increasing rapidly during the final stages of EndGame. Be alert and be aware. Don't let your personal guards and protections down.

Matrix V Readers & Monroe Questions

Although I have written in the Matrix V series that only Robert Monroe can speak for himself, I continue to receive tedious questions asking ‘why did Monroe write…’, ‘how come Monroe said…’ or any variation of these. For the LAST time: only Robert Monroe can answer why he wrote or said anything in his books. If you are so hung up on Monroe’s trilogy, you are not ready for the M5 series which goes far beyond Bob’s excellent works. While they may indeed be decent and valid questions, Monroe is no longer around to answer them and I am not his mind reader. 

I had my own questions about some of what he wrote. I was able to directly ask him many questions when I saw him. Bob also declined to answer, partially or fully, some of my questions. That was his right. He was a Scorpio and they love mystery and secrets.
If the Monroe trilogy is your incarnational omega for information, good for you. The Monroe trilogy is invaluable and a pre-requisite for the M5 trilogy. It provides the necessary foundation for the M5 reader to build on. 

Nevertheless, Bob has been gone for over a decade. His material must stand on its own as he is not here to answer ‘why’ to questions. The line of questions I continue to receive about his materials will go unanswered by me. As stated in M5, I will answer questions about M5 materials that are not contained by properly reading the segments. Never do I suggest that I will answer questions about why Monroe wrote whatever in his books. Of course these types of questions come from those for whom M5 is not written.

It’s one thing to make a comment on something written in the Journeys trilogy, but any questions that I may (and guaranteed I will) receive in the future about the reasoning (what was he thinking/intending) behind Monroe’s writings will be ignored. ONLY Bob can say what he intended. Keep this in mind when contemplating any emails to me where you may be wondering ‘what did Monroe mean/think/believe/etc’. 

Sequential Incarnates on Earth
Matrix V Gold Edition - Volume Two
©2003-2005 Leading Edge International Research Group

To grasp this segment, you would need to read and understand the materials in Matrix V Gold Edition. In today's Sunday paper (April 20,03) and on the Internet, an article appears  about a 13 year old college senior who "was solving math problems at 14 months and correcting adults' grammar by 2 - the same age he decided to become a vegetarian". This is just one story in a string that has appeared for a number of years now. The 'prodigy' children, the 'children of the blue ray' and other pedestal placing phrases are used for these exceptions to the apparent rule. The vegetarian decision is one that is commonly associated with Pleiadians.

There has always been a limited alien presence on Earth, both of Orion/Sirian Empires, usually in world/business leadership positions, and other alien groups with Pleiadian being prominent because they can pass for standard Earther human. The Orion reptilians use their shape-shifting abilities to deceive Earthers of their true natures. The humanoids who look very much like Earthers do mix with Earther societies in their missions of studying the Earther situation. I personally know a woman whose father was an alien planted here when he was an infant within an Earther family. He regularly met with his home world people throughout his life. I've seen his picture and you wouldn't know that he wasn't one of us. I have also heard some amazing stories surrounding this family. This is just ONE example of sequentials dabbling on Earth in this manner. 

Sequential aliens are born, according to their place in the Game, with memories/abilities intact from past lives. Simultaneous incarnates are born with blocks, although, with time, they may easily develop talents (that other of their incarnations have tediously learned) to certain extents depending on what that Higher Self requires in this incarnation. A simultaneous incarnation does NOT incarnate solving math problems as a baby. Sequential incarnates definitely can do so. Refer back to M5 Gold for more information on the sequential/simultaneous situations. Birth memory is one key discussed in M5.

During EndGame, the aliens, both 'good' and 'bad' are attempting to alter Earth to a purely sequential planet and to push out the simultaneous from the Game. The simultaneously incarnating Higher Selves will not be around for much longer, but certain Wild Cards will come into play to deny the sequential aliens their greed for Earth. 

The use of ‘code terms’, especially things like 'children of the blue ray' is meant to alert other sequential aliens on Earth as to that program. It also identifies certain children as sequential in progression. Simultaneously incarnating should not react badly to this, but should just be aware of another facet in the Game. However, many simultaneous of a below very-Advanced levels, especially Lightsiders, are envious of these people and beLIEve that ‘these are more Advanced’ because of their ‘talents’. This is not true. This is also another sequential dead end presented to the Earth simultaneous to try and throw a monkey wrench in your path...another rock in the rocky road of those who fall for this ploy. For simultaneously incarnating Higher Selves, the key generation is what is known as the 'Baby Boomers' born 1946-1965.

Sequential aliens do procreate on Earth and introduce other sequentials that way. Nevertheless, they are still alien to Earth. Simultaneous Higher Selves do not incarnate in alien bodies (no matter how Earther human looking) of alien parents living on Earth. The whole concepts of the 'blue ray' children and ‘aliens living on Earth and passing as human’, is quite Advanced. The material here, and more so in Matrix V Gold Edition, should be looked as important revelations in your move to spiral out of the Game and dramatically increase your awareness. You need to be more aware to appreciate the Game for what it is and to Advance to your next level of progression."


EndGame, Earth & Higher Selves 

© 2003 Leading Edge International Research Group. All Rights Reserved
7 July 2003

As I've written in Matrix V Gold Edition, we are in EndGame as simultaneously incarnating Higher Selves. We are rapidly nearing our exit and Advancement to fantastic, new levels and densities. I was asked a question which was very good: What will happen in the Game when we leave and sequential path Higher Selves decide that they want the simultaneous experience?

Just as we, simultaneous path incarnates, are in EndGame, so is Earth's Planetary Spirit also in shim's version of EndGame on the nature path. Once we are gone and Earth is cleansed, Earth will be out of reach of 3rd density Gamers. While Earth is currently THE simultaneous path planet in this galaxy, it is not the final simultaneous path planet nor is it the first simultaneous planet! Yes, there have been others before and there will be many others after Earth.

This IS part of the Game and the progression of it. At one time we were all sequential path Higher Selves. At one time we worked against those on their simultaneous path just as there are aliens now working against us. It's ALL part of the Game! We Advance at our own pace. We also tend to hang around with other Higher Selves who are like-minded. You will most likely discover that when your Higher Self chose the simultaneous path that one, two or several others 'jumped ship' with you.

After our group has gone forward into new and fascinating areas/densities, the Game in 3rd density will continue. Eventually other sequential Higher Selves will get the "itch" and want more. This is their opening to move to a simultaneous path. When this occurs, a new planet will be set aside in a different part of the galaxy for them to develop/play a simultaneous incarnates and gain what they need to graduate the Game. Our group will be LONG gone. Maybe the next simultaneous planet will be in a Light polarity sector of the galaxy while ours is in a Dark sector, as you know from M5.

Just because we are in EndGame here, doesn't mean it is EndGame for the entire 3rd density. Not at all. THAT particular EndGame is very far off on a timeline scale, but then time itself is an illusion. It is OUR EndGame that counts. It is in Matrix V Gold Edition that you will have the keys that are necessary for you to break your experiential loops and exit the Game. These high numbers of keys are not available in any other book currently in 3rd density, although you can get them from the astral copy of M5 in the Library on level 27. I have received emails from several who did indeed get their copy this way.

Your concentration should be on your own path and circumstances surrounding your role in the Game and your progression out of it. Details of previous simultaneous path planets may be of an assist to you after you have graduated and if you seek out that data. However, for now, just know that we are not the alpha simultaneous planet nor are we, by far, the omega simultaneous planet. I will tell you, though, that we are much closer to the alpha than the omega. The knowledge waiting for you WHEN you are ready is astounding. Meanwhile, continue to do what YOU need to do in your current incarnation. The information you gather, while it may not be of use to you now, is being stored in your Higher Self.

The Game and The Players 

from Matrix V Gold Edition
© Leading Edge International Research Group. All Rights Reserved.

As I wrote in 'Changing the Future', the Game's functions are set and only you can free yourself from the Game, thereby winning. Just as when you play a board game, there are rules and certain things that must/will occur during the play of the game. The same goes for the 3rd density Game. The two player groups are the simultaneous and the sequential Higher Selves. These groups are further subdivided within themselves. 

With the simultaneously incarnating (fast track) Higher Selves, each individual Higher Self operates as an individual unit with experiences, events and time periods chosen by each Higher Self to operate within the Games parameters. Within the sequential Higher Selves, they operate as a group and rarely, if ever, change into another group. Hence, you have the reptilian faction, the Sirian faction, the Andromedan faction and so on. In almost all cases, they proceed/Advance as a planet or group. This is VERY slow because each waits for the others to progress at a planetary rate.

Earther Higher Selves progress independently at their own speed. Not proceeding as a group is daunting to the sequentials as well as not retaining conscious memory of shim's other 3rd density lives. The one time that a Higher Self can 'change sides' is if that Higher Self decides to enter the Earther Higher Self path with all the benefits and the liabilities associated with that path. This type of switching sides IS allowed in the Game. It does not occur very often. Due to the very nature of simultaneous incarnations, it is obvious that a simultaneous can never regress to a sequential path.

That the sequential group stays within a certain race and progresses as a planet, at the minimum, shows much (to simultaneous incarnates) about their limitations. Yes, they have all incarnation memories, but their experiences are limited to that race and racial development. The one element that all sequentials have in common is FEAR. In this case, the fear is being born into each incarnation without memories of other incarnations. It is a courageous Higher Self that takes the simultaneous path, as Robert Monroe said.

Simultaneous incarnates choose all the different races on Earth and can experience segments of the various alien cultures vicariously through the races that the alien cultures engineered here on Earth after the Orion Empire did their genetic 'thing' to Ancient Earthers. This is ALL part of the Game. Simultaneous incarnations include black African groups, Asian varieties, various European cultures and so on. Each different Earth culture was formed by copying alien races who tampered with Earther humans eons ago. This is an enormous advantage over the ‘single race’/’evolve as a planet’ path that the sequential incarnates Advance in.

Much of the Game's strategies involve working against the simultaneous incarnates. The sequentials use all manner of blocks/obstacles to keep this group from winning at the Game. However the Game IS geared for the simultaneous TO WIN by departing from the Game before the sequentials. The main burden for the simultaneous incarnate is to regain your spiritual identity. Huge clues for your spiritual identity are found within the Laws of the Universe. 

Once you discover YOUR spiritual identity AND live it, you are well on your way to graduating. If you intellectually know it, but choose not to live it, you still have a way to go in your development. The sequential aliens will come in second place, in the Game, but they, too, will eventually graduate and the 3rd density Game will be over. Lots for you to think about here.

The Game and The Players – Part II

While I've given you more on the Game, from a galactic viewpoint, I now will give you more information on the Game players - the Higher Selves. You may have heard that the reptilians are the oldest race in the galaxy. You have heard that there are many races that are FAR older than Earthers. Earthers are considered as having ‘far to go’ to reach these aliens in most areas (in all areas if you were to believe aliens). Now, get ready for a different perspective.

It's sequential vs. simultaneous incarnations in this spotlight. Sequential incarnating Higher Selves have one incarnation at a time, retaining conscious memories of their incarnations at birth. This, as one can see, is a SLOW process of development.

Simultaneous incarnations occur in all time periods since the genetic alteration of Ancient Earthers, thus allowing that individual Higher Self to receive tremendous inputs of information, emotions and sensory experiences at the same time. This is the FAST track of development. The caveat here is that the incarnating Higher Self will have NO memory of who shim is when shim begins the Earther path, but will have to find ways to relearn who shim is.

So, here you have an ancient history of sequential incarnations slowly gathering information and (mostly) controlled experiences. Due to these sequential incarnations genetic tampering with Ancient Earther humans, a window of opportunity had opened up for those Higher Selves daring enough to risk the challenge that we know as the Earther incarnational path.

This rapid advancement has spooked the aliens AND the polarity addicts. Various methods are being used at this time to try and halt or reverse the advancements made. They know what the 2012 period brings and they would like to undo it. When the Earther 3rd density period is over, these successful Higher Selves will move into higher densities to gather vast, NEW experiences. Meanwhile, those who prefer the slower, safer path will continue to their own conclusion much farther down the road. After the Earther graduation, Earth will be off limits to aliens as the Planetary Spirit reaches shim's own full potential.

Alien races proceed as a group. Everyone is pretty much at the same level. Earther humans proceed individually, thus you have a wide variety of people at all times in history. Some alien groups would like us to believe that we have to ‘mesh as a whole’ and become as they are. This is interference by the sequential Higher Selves that must be ignored. ANYTHING or ANYONE who tries to get you to change your Higher Self's Path is playing a game action of 'derail the simultaneous'. That Final and Dominant incarnations are spread over most 'time' periods is part of the protection so that the sequential aliens cannot swoop down and break Game rules. As stated in other materials in Matrix 5, if one of them does try to break Game rules, the individual Higher Self WILL interfere directly to prevent an unwarranted change of shim's Plan.

Think of the difference in the two incarnational paths this way - the ULTIMATE role-playing game with a twist. Sequential incarnations are playing a single game (role) at a time. Simultaneous incarnations are playing hundreds and hundreds of games (roles) at the same time. I have had over 1600 incarnations, so my Higher Self is involved in 1600+ DIFFERENT role playing games at one time AND processing all of the experiences learned from them.

This means that one Higher Self, who has had sequential incarnations for millions of years, can be experientially surpassed by another Higher Self who has been in Earther incarnations for only thousands of years. The aliens may like to have us think that technology is connected to advancement, but this is not true. It's spiritual development that counts, NOT technology. Hence, we have the Earth 'quarantine' while the alien meddlers still meddle.

The Earther experience seems to be concluding around 2012, while the sequential incarnational path will continue until it reaches its own conclusion. This gives you something to think about, a whole NEW perspective on the Game of 3rd density.

Information on some Basic Rules of The Game 

from Matrix V Gold Edition
© Leading Edge International Research Group. All Rights Reserved.

The use of the word 'Game' originates with the Higher Selves. The Empire and the Dark do NOT consider it a game in any way and do not appreciate the reference. Game is used because of the challenges and object: to overcome all the Empire's best technology and manipulation to regain your identity (Final Incarnation), gather huge amounts of sensory experiences/emotional experiences and develop wisdom. It is a challenge in that you begin with no memory of who you are and have to regain it by means your own Higher Self decides. 

There is no single path to this enlightenment but there are many false paths put there by the Empire and the Dark to keep you from finding yourself (religion, for example). Every Higher Self will succeed, some faster and some slower, but all will eventually succeed. To find out what you need to do, you must access your Higher Self.

Robert Monroe developed the key to this. It is to access a level of consciousness that Monroe called Focus 12. That's how I learned and I know no other way. It's a matter of going within instead of without. When Monroe told the one group I was in how to do it, no one, except me, was interested in doing so. This is something a Final Incarnation really wants to do (access the Higher Self). It cannot be done by someone for you as only you (as your Dominant and Final Incarnations) can have this access and Dominants may not consciously realize they've been there (during sleep) unless psychic oriented. 

The material I've been releasing has not been released publicly for thousands of years. You can find threads of it in Credo Mutwa's material and Robert Monroe's books, for example. This material is highly suppressed and you can see why. 

Val is to be honored for putting it out for access to anyone. Even if they aren't ready to handle it, it will have an effect on their spirit which will assist in their 'future'. This material, in its form on Val's site, is unique and the vast majority of the information has never appeared elsewhere. It is not in the interest of the Empire that you know these things for it is spirit, not body oriented. That this information is out now should tell you something about Earth's immediate future. Think on that.  

"I have told you about simultaneous and sequential incarnations and some of the implications of each. However, for those Higher Selves involved in the Game, there is one constant: all pre-3rd density memories are kept from the incarnations until the 3rd density path is complete. This is why even though the sequential incarnations retain their past, 3rd density incarnational life memories, they have to build from a clean slate with a first incarnation. With each following incarnation, more information is added.

The simultaneous incarnations also start 3rd density with a clean memory slate in order to participate in the Game. But this group is adding to the Higher Self's memories from all incarnations at once, scattered throughout Earther 3rd density time periods. In both cases NO pre-Game memories are lost, just hidden. What can work against spiritual advancement is the desire for physical immortality, a passion for the Orion Empire. BUT, when you look at reptilian royals, who are fanatics about cloning and life extensions, they don't advance spiritually. The Orion Empire reptilians are pretty stagnant spiritually, however this does serve a purpose in the Game. It is not for me to say more on their path as our concern is our simultaneous path. Just know it all works out in the end.

Another negative on the sequential path, from a simultaneous point of view, is that they tend to choose reincarnation in the same star group, .i.e., Pleiadian, Tau Ceti, etc. They don't have the vast variety of Earther incarnations that simultaneous incarnates here jump around in. This severely cuts down on experiences. There is also far less gender jumping incarnations among them. They can get comfortable in either male or female bodies and rarely hop into the other. This is one of the reasons why the Errans of Taygeta (Pleiadian) are homophobic.

Needless to say, those Higher Selves who don't choose simultaneous paths are definitely much less adventurous. The Game is far more complex and there are certain segments of it you must discover on your own at some point in your progression. That the simultaneous incarnates are developing so rapidly toward spiraling out (thus winning) the Game and leaving the sequentials to slowly progress on their own is significant. When the Earther experience is completed, ALL Earther Higher Selves will have proceeded to new levels while the sequentials continue along on their path MINUS the Earther faction. That should give you something to think about!"


Multi-Density Experiential Pathways and Earth Incarnation
from Matrix V Gold Edition
Copyright © 1988- Leading Edge International Research Group



6th Density, etc.

Advanced Experiential Patterns

5th Density

Higher Selves choosing Individual Progression Paths (FAST)
(With Simultaneous 3rd density incarnations)
Higher Selves choosing Group Progression Paths  (SLOW)
(With Sequential 3rd density incarnations)

4th Density upper

  Independent Activity   Focus 27  No religious belief systems   

4th Density lower

Belief System Realities based on Earth experience on 4th density in proximity to the planet. These will eventually be disused and fade.

3rd Density

HS experience in 3rd Density Universe populated predominantly by sequential incarnations, hive/group/race progressions, and more.

3rd Density

Earth Surface Culture  + Interpenetration from Sequential Polarities,  minions 65%  +  sequential and simultaneous incarnational interaction, with a culture patterned after sequential (conform, we are all the same, etc) pathways which stifle unique individualism (‘not group compatible’), which gives HS with simultaneous incarnational path unique experiential opportunities in “The Game” originally created by Higher Selves in the beginning.

3rd Density

Minions   Animal/ Nature Spirit  Expressions of Planetary Spirit Path

3rd Density

Planet Earth  (physical structure of planet and ground)

3rd Density

Planetary Spirit HS  - Evolutionary Path System Tied to Sun HS

Some Extracts from Matrix V: Quest of the Spirit 

 Earth Incarnational Experiences for Higher Selves

"... Earthers seem to marvel at the huge incarnational periods aliens seem to go through. They'll tell their contactees of living for hundreds of years, or, as with reptilian royalty it can be tens of thousands of years or more! You should be able to see how slowly these Higher Selves, not participating in the Earther fast track, will progress. They live on homogenous planets in pretty uniform societies. There are few challenges, it seems, unless they clash with other aliens, like the Orion Empire. So, if things are pretty ho-hum, is it any surprise that they proceed at a snail's pace when compared to Earther incarnations? Earthers who long for life spans as long as the aliens are body controlled, for it's the body that fears death, since the Higher Self is immortal. With the shorter lifetimes on Earth, we are able to gain FAR more varieties of experiences.  On Earth, you are experiencing ALL races on the planet, both genders, all sexual orientations, both polarities and a HUGE range of emotions not found elsewhere ...." 

"Remember, judging/good & evil are all 3rd density control devices. They don't exist in higher densities. They are all just different experiences. Few of you who read this can handle what goes on in conversations among those who have long overcome the false limitations of 'the sacred body'. When you don't support the physical's supreme stance, you can be labeled 'morbid', 'insensitive', 'unfeeling' or whatever. These are all used to enforce the body's control over the spirit. Once the spirit has matured enough, usually in Very Advanced and higher incarnations, you begin to see the body for the dead end, temporary vehicle it is. The body/life isn't 'sacred'. NOTHING is sacred. If anything, EXPERIENCE is what the Higher Self treasures. Every experience /sensation that the Higher Self has had through shim's incarnations can be duplicated on higher densities exactly as it was on 3rd density ..."

"... The clinging to life as 'sacred' is a feature of 3rd density that you will have to come to terms with. It isn't physical life that is sacred.  The experiences GAINED through physical life are sacred. And by 'sacred', I DON'T mean bow/scrape/worship as that is power giveaway. These experiences are stored ETERNALLY within YOUR Higher Self...." 

"...Physical bodies reign over Higher Self incarnates because the incarnates are not spiritually able to override the body. Looking a bit closer, one might ask if that means that the Higher Self is also immature. The answer is 'no'. The Higher Self allows extensions of shimself to incarnate, as per the Game and the Games rules. Remember, the bottom line of 3rd density incarnations is EXPERIENCE. 

"If the incarnating spirit entered with FULL awareness, that would nullify most of the experiences. Even with sequential incarnations, the first incarnation is a blank page. The remembering of past lives only goes back to their first incarnation. The sequential Higher Selves must also play by the rules of the Game as it applies to them."

"ALL species will eventually become extinct. It's a 3rd density hallmark. Earther (Higher Self incarnated) humans will eventually become extinct as well. This is VERY good as that shows that those Higher Selves have all completed the Game successfully. Clinging to life at the denial of experiences is what the Game wants you to do. Deny your spirit since, they say, your physical life is everything. It is not. That is a lie which is the core word in the word beLIEve. You will have to come to your own realizations of this. Remember what I've said here and in Matrix 5."

Observation: Fear and Manipulation

The 'bottom line' purpose of incarnating in 3rd density is experience and what we learn from all the experiences we have via all our incarnations. We are now in the EndGame years and there are more varieties of experiences today than any other time since Atlantis was destroyed. On the other hand, there are those who seek to deny you experiences hoping that by denying you what you are here for, that EndGame will be extended and postponed. 

Here's a review of some of those who attempt to stop EndGame from occurring:

*Governments - The purpose of government has become the erection of fences to severely restrict potential experiences. An example is in California, medical marijuana use is legal. In US federal law it isn't. So federal goons are currently overriding state laws, not for the good of anyone, but to restrict. Governments have been regulating countries based on the dominant religion of the country. We know what religion is and more will be said below. Governments have been the enforcement group for religion by making mythological philosophies enforceable on non-believers. Sexual restrictions are all religious based and tainted by the alien restrictions dealing with matters of procreation. Laws against gays, polygamy, etc all have their origins with religion. Governments should be minimally involved in people's lives and concerned with protection of the people from those who seek to do violence against them. Instead the governments (on ALL levels) meet to figure out how to further restrict the population they control (note control, not serve). Government SHOULD be serving the people, not religion, not special interest groups and definitely not for the highest bidder. You also hear the power hoarders in Washington talk about "continuity of government" as being so damned important. Yeah, it's important to them, not to those who have Advanced beyond the need to be controlled. If EndGame brings about government collapse, good riddance! Also, the worst thing to do in that case, would be to attempt to re-establish the same government. Break that experiential loop. Governments are agents of the Game and the Dark polarity. Deception is their shroud and control their game. Idealistic, new politicians either fall to the Dark or are replaced or otherwise removed from the scene. Governments have become major players in restricting your experiences.

*Religion - I have written several segments featuring religion and how it serves alien 'gods' and how it exists because of alien 'gods'. Religion is sequential incarnate oriented since the roots are with aliens and the sequential incarnates. There are some minor exceptions to this, but even in the minor exceptions, sequentially incarnating is still the cornerstone (you only have one life bullshit). You cannot control simultaneous incarnating Higher Selves due to the nature of the simultaneous experience. You DO have control over sequentials to a certain extent, hence the karma myth (in my/your next incarnations, you owe me...). Sequentials are also born with their memory intact so you can chase down someone who 'did you wrong' when you've discovered where they were reborn. This is what slows down progression among sequential path Higher Self. They drag their baggage from one incarnation to another. Now, that's fine for them as that's their path, but when they attempt to make their way OUR way, they become agents for the Game. Their beliefs form the core of Earther mainstream religions with basically 'everything for god' as the theme which goes back to when the aliens genetically manipulated Earthers to serve them. The 10 Commandments are nothing but alien commandments meant for Earther slaves and not the aliens themselves. A whole book could be written on that topic alone. Religion exists to limit your experiences and for you to surrender your power to an external being while keeping you ignorant of your Higher Self and true nature.

*Medical Groups - The medical organizations are very much fear based information machines. "If you do this, if you don't do that, cholesterol, fat, etc" (medical mantras)...FEAR that if you don't obey, you may not live to be 90, but may die at <gasp> 75. This is another denier of simultaneous incarnates and is truly body ID oriented. Your Higher Self can have as many incarnations as shim desires. There are NO restrictions on it. Also, the Higher Self sets the time and manner of death. Worrying about all the hand wringing, body oriented, fear based pronouncements of the medical establishment will NOT extend your life one second longer than your Higher Self has decided that it should be. This is why George Burns could live to 99 and smoke cigars and this is why the jock type who does everything the medicals want is hit by a bus at age 28. When one parrots cholesterol, fat or whatever medical fear, that's the body talking and NOT the spirit. These people also deny themselves pleasures they crave, thus experiences, because they beLIEve, for example, that 'fat is bad for you', meanwhile they drown themselves in DIEt aspartame drinks and pop pills for control of every twitch the body may come up with. If you trust in your Higher Self, you act accordingly. If you allow your body to control you, yes, you gain that experience, but that incarnation is not in Very Advanced stages. One store owner I know said that she "fears high cholesterol because the doctor told her she could have a stroke and not be able to move". Fear is the weapon here. Under the guise of 'we're here to help you', these groups actually exist to control you and deny you significant experiences by having you give away your power to them. 

There are other groups that you can be added to these, but you get the general idea. There are always groups or people who want you to give away your power to them for the purpose of controlling/manipulating YOU and denying YOU experiences that are not sanctioned by the polarities. Waking up to this is one of the goals of your incarnations. This is followed up by realizing you don't need these groups/people as you are whole within yourself and that they exist to build fences around you to keep you in a box of their creating. Until you can break free of these so-called authority figures/groups, you are still significantly Game bound.


Timely Information from the Matrix V material:

Why The 'Star Trek' Scenario Will Not Happen on Earth

Excerpt from Matrix 5 Gold Edition (Volume 1) 
Copyright © Leading Edge International Research Group. All Rights Reserved.

"It was 10 years ago that Bob Monroe told my group at his Institute that he loves watching Star Trek. He also said it will never happen. At the time I didn't understand why not, although I had a sneaking suspicion that what he said was true. Since having all the experiences you've read in Matrix 5 and what I've shared here, I now know why Monroe was absolutely correct.

In the Second Edition, I explained why Earth has been quarantined by the aliens and how this is due to their desire to keep Earther Higher Selves from 'infecting' non-Earth systems. They don't fear germs or such, they fear the Advancing Higher Selves may interest their systems in the rapid development path. It's NOT that we are so 'primitive' by their standards in technology. It's that we are advancing farther/faster than they are in spiritual development.

Even in the new Enterprise series, Earthers want to change the status quo of aliens with the 'be like us' and 'we know what's best' attitudes. These are common in those in the mid through mid-Advanced spiritual levels. These incarnations have advanced only enough, at this time, to let their physical and/or their limited spiritual states dictate.

Once you get into the Very Advanced stages and, of course, your Awakened Final Incarnation, you move beyond the need to impose your will on alien cultures or individuals. The First Law of the Universe - Allowance - begins to dominate your maturing thoughts. Perfect examples of the spiritually unenlightened are being observed with the current situation on Earth. Different groups (again) at war to impose their beliefs/restrictions on others with no regard to the Universal Laws. Yes, these are learning experiences for the developing spirits, AND if this was the limit of it, Earth would not be quarantined since the Sirian/Orion Empires are just 2 examples of alien groups that also impose on others.

The alien fear is those Earthers who have moved BEYOND this level and operate on other levels as well. These have some astounding abilities and perspectives that THEY fear and don't want their populations to be exposed to. Knowing this, do you think that some alien group will bring 'rescue' ships to remove the population, as some would have you to believe? Hell, no! Maybe cattle car ships for them to dine on, yes, but not to 'rescue'. Be VERY suspicious if this Wild Card gets played. Remember Twilight Zone's 'To Serve Man' episode from the 50's.

The aliens would NEVER allow Starship Enterprises full of Earthers to zip around the galaxy. Earthers must be contained. 

On the other hand, the 2012 date looms ever closer. Even without a quarantine, this date warns that Star Trek treks are limited to imagination and film. There is ONE exception, and that is people who can astral travel. They can go anywhere and anytime. Yes, it is MOST interesting. Few can do this, but more can do this today than 100 years ago. This ALSO puts fear in alien leaders since they cannot stop this.

These same beings (including the secret government) have developed astral alarms & traps to catch those who try to probe their facilities. I wrote about this in M5 as well, so please refer to what's in the text. These astral alarms are primarily located on Earth, so if you can astral travel, but VERY careful where you poke around. They can follow you back to your body via the 'silver cord' or connection to your Higher Self. Then, too, if your Higher Self allows this to happen, it's an experience with a questionable ending, I'd think.

THIS type of travel, which will eventually be available to ALL, is one the aliens cannot stop. They try with fluorides, vaccines, nutra-sweet, pollutants, electronic zaps and more (see Matrix 3 Volume 2 on this stuff), but yet the Higher Self will counter these effects in those incarnations shim wants to experience astral events or other special situations. So, enjoy Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, etc. You WILL be able to glean some hidden information in them, depending on your level of advancement in the current incarnation reading this. But never forget it's THEM (aliens) who have fears about US (Higher Self Earthers). This should give you things to think about. ... "

The False Summit - The Mid-Advanced Levels

Excerpt from Matrix 5 Gold Edition (Volume 1) 
Copyright © Leading Edge International Research Group. All Rights Reserved.

"I have received a couple of good comments about mid-Advanced level incarnates. It IS true that this level can be an extremely colorful bunch of people and they DO put on a 3 ring circus of flashy acts for those at their level and the low-Advanced. These shows are partially what attracts the low-Advanced levels into progressing into the mid-Advanced. Make no mistake, this does, indeed serve a positive purpose.

One Matrix V Gold Edition reader in Europe said if I was to come to Britain that they would probable "put you in jail" and hound me as they do David Icke. She also said if I visited the Netherlands as The Author, I would probably be descended upon by every self-proclaimed shaman, 'ascended' master and other colorful characters. These are the mid-Advanced showmen and women. These are they who thrive on being a leader with a following or one of the followers. They love the word 'master' and their icons the bogus 'ascended masters'. This concept has been discussed in Matrix V Gold Edition.

The mid-Advanced levels are all about 'love & light'. They think that concept is the pinnacle of truth. Their ultimate illusion is, as David Icke has on his site and in his latest book, 'infinite love is the only truth; everything else is illusion'. That statement really sums up the mid-Advanced level Lightsider in one sentence. It is their beLIEf. They parade this concept around and expect everyone else to rally to their banner. This is the prime religious concept of the low through mid-Advanced level Light polarity.

Mid-Advanced levels can be noted by how they surround themselves with their religious icons (crystals, pentagrams and psychic related trappings) just like the Mid levels surround themselves with their crosses, stars of david, etc. because for the Mid levels, beLIEf and (convenient/semi) obedience to their deity is their banner and the summit of THAT level. The Very Advanced may have various of these, not as icons, but as relics of past incarnational beliefs. Museum pieces, if you wish.

These are only a few external symbols that define major levels. The Dark polarity is as involved as the Light and thrive on the Light's 'infinite love' proclamations. The Dark could not exist without these ultimate Light war cries. Read more on that in Matrix V Gold Edition. The Dark is also actively entwined in all Light polarity endeavors and they will do anything they can to encourage their behavior. As written previously in M5G, the Lighter the one side is, the Darker the other becomes. The opposite is true too, the Darker the one side is, the more the Light side reacts.

When I was spending years studying the various arts that I needed for my incarnation, I ran into many mid-Advanced level colorful characters. Some examples: There was one seminar that I went to where there were 3 Dark witches at a wiccan conference who spent most of their time weaving, what looked like, astral, black spider webs around the room to drain unsuspecting and Light witch energies. Cackle, cackle. Darksiders attend ALL psychic related conferences and seminars.

I ran into numerous colorful characters in my shamanic study years where I always discovered Dark shamans working among the Light and unsuspecting observers. Dark shamans will heal you, but the price you pay is not what you suspect it is and they cause more damage than the healing you may receive from them. The shamanic colorfuls were different than the wiccan colorfuls who are different than the predictive arts colorfuls and so on. Dark shamanic types attend ALL gatherings of this type of practice, such as pow-wows, etc. They mix in, with the Light and unsuspecting, with their personal agendas.

The mid-Advanced colorful characters do serve their purpose, however. These beacons are set to assist the developing low-Advanced incarnations to newer levels. What you discover is that they are not 'the end of all', but rather the end of a major cycle which lead to a new gateway into the Very Advanced levels. These mid-Advanced characters are a vital part of the Game and should be appreciated for it. I think they are very entertaining, but that's from my position as an Awakened Final, who appreciates things that other incarnations still cannot. You will appreciate it fully in YOUR Awakened Final Incarnation, though, and will enjoy remembering these times with other Higher Selves after graduating the Game."

Changes in You

Excerpt from Matrix 5 Gold Edition (Volume 1) 
Copyright © Leading Edge International Research Group. All Rights Reserved.

"When you have made some serious (not minor) changes in your perception of life on Earth, your aura does change its vibration. This vibration is noticed by others, although they don't know why. It's just that you seem to ‘no longer fit’... and you DON'T. You are spiraling up and away from 3rd density Earth. They are spiraling DOWN into the Dark plot. You will find you irritate them by no longer conforming. Minor quirks are tolerable, but you are vibrating to a new, higher reality, and they don't like it. If you find people going out of their way to be vile to you, ignoring you, talking about you behind your back or confronting you for seemingly minor things, don't worry. Take it as an indication you're proceeding as your Higher Self wants you to. It isn't easy. You WILL lose 'friends'. Of course if they ever REALLY were your friends, they would not be put off by the new you. You can lose 'family' (I lost ALL of them). 

This shows you that although blood may be thicker than water, spirit is stronger than blood for you are NOT your body. YOU are not your incarnation for it is the clothing you chose to wear in this lifetime, no more, no less. There are a few others (very few in relation to the population of the planet) who are experiencing what we are going through. They are scattered all over the planet. When the shift comes, all of the new vibrating beings will advance while those who resist REAL change, inner change, will get to continue this farcical Game. The thing is, once you've reached a certain level, although you can miss the company of those who've chosen not to associate with you any longer, it's not the emotional wanting most people associate with a loss. It's more of a 'well, that's too bad, but I gotta do what I gotta do' attitude. The more your Higher Self kicks in, the more the real YOU kicks in, the quicker you advance. It always pays to look forward, not backward. Let the dogs howl and snap at you. You're on the rocky road. Once you've come to a point on that road, the dogs can no longer try and hinder you ... "


Note to Readers from the Author:  I am Not Interested in Chat Groups, Email Lists or Skype invitations

This note has been long overdue. Ever since M5 has been published, I pretty regularly get invitations from strangers to be on readers’ chat group, mail group or Skype. Not once have any of these people asked me first if I wanted to be on such, they just ass-u-me that I will accept. This also goes for phone numbers on the bottom of emails.  I will not accepted any of these backdoor invitations. What do you offer to make me want to be in direct communication with you?  What benefit is it to me to be on your list?  If you can’t approach me in email first and explain why and what I will get out of it, then save your time.






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