12-strand DNA, discussion of lightsider belief systems around the subject of
2012, discussion of light polarity belief systems about
2012, discussion of the possibilities and potential experiences
A Different Look At The Game – the challenge of sequential interference
Abduction by alien sequentials, the bottom line
Abduction Diaries, televisions series, comments on
Abductions and Sequential shenanigans
Ability to change is directly proportional to progression and advancement
Abortion, discussion of the social issue as relates to body-ID and DNA programs
Activities, polarity-based, disengaged from when experiential loops broken
Advanced incarnational levels, aspects of
Advanced incarnations, engagement in more mental observation by
Affection, the vibration of
African tradition, information on the gender split of ancient times
Age of alien races is not an indicator of spiritual advancement
Aggressor and Victim as opposites, discussion of
Akashic records, discussion of the legendary concept, origins and purposes
Alien “Divine” Intervention and EndGame 
Alien abductions and the attempt to duplicate human emotional range
Alien Abductions and The Game 
Alien aspects to the Sequentialization dynamic on Earth
Alien attempt through hybridization to duplicate simultaneous benefits 
Alien attempts to extend polaric wars from third to fourth density
Alien contact – The Truth is NOT ‘Out There” as seen in the X-Files, etc.
Alien creation of hybrids, real purpose behind
Alien factional influences on current Earth events
Alien fear of spiritually advancing Earther incarnations
Alien genetic experiments which split ancient humans into physical genders
Alien Higher Selves – A Different Facet
Alien invasion, concepts of, as portrayed in sci-fi series
Alien labels: ‘Reincarnation’ and ‘Past Lives’
Alien lack of spiritual advancement
Alien lackeys pushing sequential thought patterns and fear-prone agenda
Alien propensity to convince humans to hold technology in awe
Alien reliance on technology instead of spirituality
Alien Semantics, cutting through the flowery deception and misdirection
Alien sequential incarnations, death of aliens when on Earth
Alien sequential societies evolve as group units, not as individuals
Alien sexual proclivities used in programming DNA commands on earth
Alien ships from other densities, concept of, as pushed by New Age gurus
Alien societies will continue to play The Game after simultaneous have left
Alien superiority, the myth of, rationale and agenda behind
Alien Technology and The Game
Alien visitors to Earth, activities and incarnational aspects 
Aliens and Earth as portrayed on television, discussion of
Aliens and polarity addicts have become ‘spooked’ by simultaneous advances
Aliens and the Higher Self
Aliens and the Orion Queen – fear of death, cloning and life extension mindsets
Aliens and their rendition of ‘spirituality’, and lightsider activities
Aliens and Third Density
Aliens ON Earth and The Game
Aliens portrayal as ‘advanced’ in Stargate and other series – when they are not
Aliens who cry wolf, continuous deception toward humans by
Aliens, Wild Cards, Hard Decisions, Questions During EndGame and Matrix V
Alternative choices, appearance of, as a result of Higher Self presentation
America ‘the free’ and the real ‘Amerika’
America and the Dark Agenda 
America, as a nation of sequentialization
America, current state of, similar to Germany in the 1930’s
America, Iraq and Incarnational Pathways
America, reinforcement of Warmongering Experiential Loops in
America, The Game and ‘God’
American focus on Body ID expression
American New World Order
American Pravda
American projection of ‘superiority’ mindset, the damaging effect of
American promotion of the concept of itself as ‘leader of the free world’
American Taliban, Orientation and The Gold Ring 
Amerika - Fascism Rules
Amerika Uber Alles
Analysis of the Local 3rd Density Matrix: The Matrix Books and other pubs
Ancestor worship and genealogy, origins and insights into
Ancient Earthers, loss of innocence after alien genetic manipulation
Ancient humans, female and male in one being, gender aspects, discussion
Ancient Telepathy, Reptilians and Other Dimensions
Androgynous, the nature of the Spirit, who you are, is
Andromedan devotees, their concern with Matrix V material
Andromedan group and the ‘we are more advanced’ scam
Andromedan pronouncements and the alien agenda of interference
Angels, discussing the pervasive myth of
Animal plagues, common occurrence of, discussion of
Animal spirit realm, blunders by the New Age community concerning
Anti-male mentality and the media
Anti-male mentality, as expressed in social customs and materialism
Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism & Chosen People
Apologies, Polarities and DNA Commands
Aquarius, Age of, looking forward to
Are you still in the game?
Artwork in Matrix V Gold Edition Volume Two, commentary on
As Above So Below, Higher Density Model vs. Orion Model
Ascended Master concept, lightside polarity concept of, discussion
Ascended masters, discussion of this deception and the mindset behind it
Ascension and ‘rapture’, discussion of these new age religious concepts
Asexuality – living in denial, comparison to 3 forms of sexuality
Asexuality as a phase of denial between heterosexuality and more advanced stages
Ash Wednesday & Chakra Blocking
Astral defenses and The Higher Self
Astral disinformation
Astral frustrations with the existence of Matrix V Gold Edition
Astral Travel, book by Gavin & Yvonne Frost
Astral versions of interplanetary craft
Astral, polarity activities on the
Astrology and Game Design 
Astrology and The Higher Self 
Astrology, manipulation by polarities for control purposes
Atlantis, discussion of media presentations about
Attacking The Graduation Key and The Matrix V Project 
Attempts to Technologically Disable Higher Self functions
Attitude of ‘it doesn’t matter’ is another experiential loop to be broken
Aura, changes in your, as related to changes in your perception of life on Earth
Awakened Final Incarnation and Self-Doubts
Awakened Finals, aspects of, as related to emergence of spirituality
Awakening as a process involving stages
Awakening Orion DNA challenges in society began in 19th century
Awakening process, opening of Heart Chakra important in the
Awakening, Anxiety and DNA Commands
Back to the Future, discussion of the movie and time travel
Balance and The Higher Self 
Balance does not mean neutrality
Balance involves the perspective of doing things for yourself
Balance reached from immersion in both Dark and Light
Balance will not allow those to wish to control by lightside concepts of guilt, etc.
Balance, sense of, and emotional dynamics
Balance, spiritual, a comment on
Bankruptcy & Hidden Horoscope of the U.S. 
Baptism as a ritual tied to giving ones personal power away to a deity
Be your own leader with no followers
Belief system area games on the astral, similar to those played on Earth
Belief system centers on the astral
Belief systems, sequentialization process and elimination of competing beliefs
Big Bang Theory and Galaxy Games 
Billy Meier and the Pleiadians from Erra, commentary on
Bisexual activity doesn’t often extend to emotional levels, only physical levels
Bisexual activity tends to be secretive with fear as the root due to DNA commands
Bisexual and gay bodies, use by Higher Self to develop Earth experience
Bisexual desires and existence of various logical rationalizations for behavior
Bisexual experience, tendency to want to appear to conform to heterosexuality
Bisexual orientation, definition of
Bisexual, estimation that 80% of the population in the US is
Bisexual, nature is overwhelmingly
Bisexuality and Minions
Bisexuality and The Game
Bisexuality and the Universal Law of Attraction
Bisexuality as a transitional phase, part of spiraling out of The Game
Bisexuality as the ‘balance’ between gay and heterosexual orientations
Bisexuality comes about as spirit begins to exert will over the body
Bisexuality is the bridge to higher development in terms of spiritual progression
Bisexuality, fear of, polarity denial of, 
Bisexuality, Law of Attraction pulls Earther incarnates into, as progressive step
Bisexuality, panicked proponents of The Game try to deny its existence
Bisexuality, progression through, does NOT mean ‘advanced levels are gay’
Blame games and victimhood in the USA
Blind Obedience and Asking Questions, discussion of
Blocks to incarnational progress, external and internal
Bodies, the need by the controllers for more
Body and Gender on the Third Density
Body Control vs. Spirit Control, major issues involving
Body Dreams and The Spirit, how to recognize source of dream experiences
Body ID Command Structure Controls 
Body ID concept: “My” Children
Body ID expressions during EndGame
Body ID stance always gets in the way of Spiritual Advancement
Body Identification and Fear of Death
Body Identification and Sex vs. Spirit Identification and Affection, differences
Body identification and the concept that ‘Life is Sacred’
Body Identification and the End of the Earther Human Race
Body identification loops: ‘Youth’ and superficial ‘Beauty’
Body Identification mindset and social control
Body orientation vs. Spirit orientation – a comparison in terms of greeting cards
Body orientation, as inherent in basic low-level incarnational levels
Body vs. Spirit – which rules your incarnation?
Body, personal view of, as identity or as convenience to gain experience
Body-ruled people reject fact of Higher Self choice of incarnational death method
Boring nature of alien sequential societies, lack of independent thought patterns
Boring routines inherent in mid-level incarnations
Brain hemispheric equalization process tied to shorting out of DNA commands
Brain use, commentary on the belief that most of the brain goes unused
Breaking away from The Game, initial, characteristic of low-advanced incarnation
Breaking the Experiential Loop
Breeding and over-consumption in the USA
Breeding as an experiential loop
Breeding as the core of all attempts to lure the opposite gender through posturing
Breeding command in DNA, origin with need to supply alien workers and food
Breeding, characteristic concern of low-level and mid-level incarnations
Buddhism, issue of ‘overcoming emotions’ as one of the prime goals of
Bumper sticker and political phrase ‘united we stand’, discussion of
Bush-Hitler Comparisons
Carnivore animal group spirit incarnated into human form, military and police
Celebrate Your Diversity 
Celibacy, discussion of
Changes in you, as related to the expansion of your experiential perspective
Changes in your life, the effect of fighting the changes
Changing the future, discussion of the concept of
Changing The Game is not possible, but changing yourself is necessary
Channeled information, origins of 
Child Heroics in Film and Cartoons, commentary on sequential nature of
Child prodigies, sequential incarnations
Children of the Matrix, commentary on the book by David Icke
China, roots of culture in Rigelian society
Choice of incarnational experience by Higher Self involves increasing parameters
Choices and making changes in your life
Choices and relationship to state of victimhood when bad choices are made
Choices of incarnational experience, Higher Self, reflect desire for complexity
Choices, body-based vs. spirit-based, and progression in experiential levels
Circumcision and The Game 
Civilizing Nations IS Sequentializing Earth 
Cloning as related to the Orion desire to ‘defeat death’
Cloning, Raelian open declaration of human cloning, discussion of
Coincidence of simultaneous path opening in the game with Orion experiments
Colors, energy and defense
Columbia, shuttle disaster in February 2003, discussion of the
Coming Out and The Game
Commandment, the True First
Comparison between those governed by DNA command vs. Higher Self Overrides
Comparison of human activity to animal world a trademark of minions
Complacency as a trap and experiential loop
Computer strategy games, useful tool for personal development
Concentration should be on your own path and circumstances of your role
Conflict in low-advanced levels between developing interest and Game deceptions
Conformity and concern over what others ‘think of you’
Conformity as a large part of the mid-level incarnational perspective
Conformity, forced, as method to shut down individuality and expression
Connection with Higher Self necessary for process of overcoming the physical
Consequences of actions, discussion of accepting 
Consider the Source
Contact, Jodie Fosters interaction with the alien mimicking her father in movie
Contactees, alien, discussion on the caliber of people aliens choose 
Control by will over the body, by a 3rd density Final Incarnation, discussion of
Control elements: Dead bodies and miserable people
Control Freaks and The Game 
Control of emotions, discussion of
Controls and experiences concerning body vs. spirit issues
Council of Guardians & "Space Conquest"
Creation of genders trap the spirit into believing concept of identity with body
Crop circles in Montana, discussion of the ‘Death Star’
Cross as a symbol disruptive to charkas when worn
Crosses and Religious symbols, effect of using and wearing
Crossing Over, Sci-Fi television series, analysis of context of
Cry of those with body identification – can we ‘save ourselves’?
Curiosity about what is culturally ‘forbidden’ as a hallmark of advanced levels
Curiosity Visits and Your Higher Self 
Current EndGame Distractions
Dance of the Vampires, balanced observation of a Darkside presentation
Dark America, Fear and EndGame 
Dark Cunt-rol Manipulation (Orion Thread) 
Dark Energy Vortices, encounters with
Dark Expansion Threats, discussion of attempt by polarities to extend their power
Dark hair and brown eyes native to Earth humans, other colors alien sourced
Dark manipulation of Ancient Humans seen as opportunity for advancement
Dark Portal Symbols, Chakras and Personal Effects
Dark Shamans and Hallucinogenics
Dark side Orions, faced with deterioration of DNA, options that they have
Dark side predisposition to ‘parade’ victims in front of the population
Darkside Aggression in EndGame
Darkside galactic expressions: war, physical and monetary slavery
Darkside phrase ‘freedom of speech has (negative) consequences’
Darkside polarity traits: to threaten and to control
David Icke, errors and misassumptions in his material
David Icke’s book Children of the Matrix, commentary on
David Icke’s view of reptilian presence, observations on
Death and Choices
Death and Choices, further discussion on
Death and dying, primary focus of light polarity
Death and funerals, big issues for body-ruled incarnations
Death and the Higher Self
Death Before Your Time, concept does not translate into reality
Death Fear, appeals to body-controlled incarnations and minions
Death related myths, exploration of
Death, method for each incarnation chosen beforehand by the Higher Self
Death, physical, indicative that Higher Self has experienced all that was required
Death, physical, whining and moaning over, and ‘Life is Sacred’ DNA loop
Deathstar Technology and Orion Empire Plans
Deception as a practice is not possible on higher densities
Deceptions catering to the body – ‘do this and you will live longer’
Decisions can never be ‘wrong’ – they are only learning experiences 
Decisions, faulty, obstacles caused by
Decisions, incarnational, how you handle them affects advancement
Decisions, spiritually based, rewards come from
Decline of mid-level perspectives in the Higher Self, with incarnational advances
Deep Space 9: Emissary
Defense of gender because of its nature indicative of a way to go in progression
Deity as a major power giveaway
Déjà vu, discussion of
Denial of information and sequential incarnates
Densities and dimensions, comparative discussion of the concepts of
Dependence on technology as a red herring for those seeking spiritual advance
Desire for physical immortality indicative of Orion Empire mindset
Desire to ‘defeat death’ is a hallmark of the Orion Empire mindset
Desire to move away from team-group activity begins in mid-levels
Dieting as a body identification experiential loop
Dimensional craft, visits to Earth from
Dinotopia, the Disney production, as related to objectives of The Game
Disabilities, physical and mental, and the incarnational experience
Disney, Orion symbolism and transformation of theme parks
Diverting attention of the population away from some events using other events
Divide and Conquer, discussion of ethnic clashes and social divisions
DNA command breakdown main reason Orion Empire want to remake humans
DNA command structure loops, full set in force in lowest incarnational levels
DNA Command structure, Orion, deterioration accelerated by HS incarnations
DNA commands force domination of the body over the spirit
DNA commands, Awakening and Anxiety
DNA Commands, Gays and The Game
DNA commands, media activities and reinforcement of Orion commands
DNA commands, restrictive, experience of resistance to, mid-level
DNA commands, shorting-out involved with transition to ‘like attracts like’
DNA structural loop: Breeding
DNA structure commands extremely restrictive to freedom of expression
Dominant and Final Incarnations, and Experiential Loops
Dominant Incarnations of the Higher Self on 3rd Density, more about
Dominant incarnations, as Advanced or Very Advanced incarnations
Dominant incarnations, characteristics of
Dominant incarnations, composition unique to each Higher Self
Dominants and the Final 3rd density incarnation
Don’t put yourself down if you still want to play the game to whatever extent
Double standard of ‘do what I say, not as I do’, Orion agenda implementation
Double standards in international behavior of countries, discussion of
Dragon and the Phoenix, discussion of symbolism concerning the
Drug usage as a dead-end EndGame experiential feature
Drugs and The Game
Drums of Fear, commentary on government induction of fear in populations
Dude, Where’s My Country
Earth as current planet for galactic incarnation for simultaneous path
Earth changes and Minions
Earth events are being coordinated by sequential alien factions
Earth human body and the Higher Self, alien genetics and advancement 
Earth incarnations make experiential variety possible without leaving planet
Earth Planetary Spirit during EndGame
Earth Planetary Spirit, discussion of the incarnational path of the
Earth Planetary Spirit, more information on the
Earth planetary Spirit, what sequential incarnates are ignoring about the
Earth quarantine, more discussion about the
Earth Spirit anxious to have minion incarnations returned to group soul of origin
Earth Spirit progression in waves
Earth spirit reaction to presence of Minion incarnations
Earth, ending the myths concerning the planet
Earth, transformation of, and movement out of phase away from alien access
Earth’s Planetary Spirit during EndGame, discussion of
Earther experience, Sirian and Orion involvements
Earther vs. ‘Earthling’, comparative discussion of terms
Earthers acting ‘in the name of god’, discussion of war
Election 2000 and The Game, the progression of EndGame in the USA
Election 2000 in the USA, as another example of reptilian in-fighting
Electronic Net Experience 
Elevation of female gender under guise of ‘equality’, sequential reptilian pattern
Embracing the Dark Polarity, sorting out fears, and Balance
Emotional Concepts, full range available to Higher Self after game departure
Emotional Fire and your Incarnational Moon
Emotional Fire III: The Final Key, comments on the music CD mentioned
Emotional Fire, definition of
Emotional Fire, the use of emotions to convey concepts, use in higher densities
Emotional nature, personal, accurately tagged by sign of Moon when body born
Emotions during experience, not here to remove yourself from them but to gain
Emotions, and the issue of ‘emotional control’
Emotions, human, alien attempts to duplicate as shortcut to spiritual growth
Emotions, use of, as an important aspect to 3rd density incarnations
Empire, Orion, reasons for the return of the
End Game, what to do during, Emotional Fire
EndGame and sequential activities on Earth
EndGame and simultaneous path graduation also for Earth Planetary Spirit
EndGame and the action/reaction of different incarnational perspectives
Endgame Chaos 
EndGame Comparison: The Lord of the Rings
EndGame Energies and Incarnational Meetings 
EndGame Female Instability
EndGame Genetic Manipulation
Endgame Sequential Plans: America and More 
EndGame, concepts of Equality and Polarity-Based Racism
EndGame, Earth and Higher Selves
EndGame: Sequential Involvement on Earth
Energy Interactions and DNA Command Structures 
Engagement on the Sequential path
Equality suspended on Earth to allow for maximum experience
Equality, concepts of, in the battle between genders – equality means equality
Equality, sequential, disguised as ‘freedom’
Errors, sign of maturity to recognize and acknowledge
Evaluating Individual Path Progression 
Events, recycling them over and over as part of The Game
Examining difficult life situations
Examples of progressive ‘fork-in-the-path’ decisions
Existence, body-controlled vs. Spirit-controlled, comparative discussion
Experience of all 12 signs of the Zodiac while incarnating in The Game
Experience of spirit overwhelming body-ID with ‘enough is enough’
Experience of spiritual incarnation in an organic body, overview discussion 
Experience of the true nature of the Spirit requires overpowering of physical
Experience pool, Higher Self, requirement for basic and mid-level incarnations
Experience whatever you feel pulled to during the EndGame, discussion
Experience, basic incarnational, as needed by the Higher Self, for development
Experience, cyclical loops, choices as related to your incarnational path
Experience, low and mid-level, involves many 3rd density Higher Self incarnations
Experience, nature of, stems from nature of choice, discussion of indicators
Experiential Fences, control devices to restrict growth and information
Experiential gradients and consciousness, 3rd density through 8th, chart
Experiential Loop, breaking the
Experiential Loop, the First
Experiential Loop, the First, Part II
Experiential Loops and Polarities
Experiential Loops and The Eyes, the appearance of inherent dullness
Experiential Loops mental mind sets, but also tied to emotional response
Experiential loops, as related to friends and their experiential loops
Experiential Loops, body sexuality and religion as major and minor loops
Experiential Loops, filtering effect of
Experiential loops, major and minor, discussion of
Experiential loops, nature of, for low or mid-level incarnations
Experiential loops, overcoming loops as a goal of the Higher Self
Experiential Loops, recognition of, and spiritual maturation
Experiential loops, sex-based, marriage as 
Experiential Loops: Warmongering and Patriotism
Exploration and discovery in advanced levels prepare for the 3rd density Final
Exteriorized entities, recently deceased, location of
External blocks to incarnational progress
External deities, low-advanced level religions still give personal power away to
External symbols that define major levels of polarity activity
Extinction of species and body-ID mindsets
Extinction of species, the real reason and situation revolving around the
Fahrenheit 9/11 
False Balance, predominant light side belief systems and
Falun Gong, the group in China, and The Game, discussion of
Families, work and genealogies as concern of mid-level incarnational perspectives
Fascism, the requirement for minion support necessary for it to exist
Fat and physical body size, a realistic appraisal
Fate, concept of predetermined outcome, discussion of
Fear and Manipulation, discussion of those factions attempting to stop EndGame
Fear and the social giveaway of personal power, incarnational aspects to
Fear and the use of specific words in language
Fear as ‘weapon of choice’ on the astral
Fear as the root of most problems
Fear attracts exactly what is feared into your life
Fear has as its major goal of getting people to give away their personal power
Fear is one element that all sequential incarnates have in common
Fear of Bisexuality
Fear of Death and Body Identification
Fear of death based on body identification and genetic ‘reaction’ with mortality
Fear of moving away from group-type activities and concerns
Fear of non-existent deities, progression out of, mid-level experience of
Fear, Control and Your Power
Fear, discussed relative to the term ‘caution’
Fear, use of, by polarities trying to manipulate and control the population
Fear, use to manipulate the population, recent example of the DC sniper
Fear, when encountering something which stimulates body-DNA response
Fears, Doubts and Spirit Advancement 
Feelings of Resentment and The Game
Female bodies, inability to create life using only
Female body and the advanced incarnation, recognition of manipulations in the
Female body experience, spiritual dissatisfaction with the limitations inherent in
Female body incarnation- a curse, or just an experience?
Female body incarnation, psychic left brain most active in 
Female body incarnations, advanced incarnations, verification
Female body incarnations, predominance are mid-advanced levels, reason why
Female body, electrical and energy aspects of, as related to male bodies
Female dominance concept and reptilian influences on Earth, examples
Female gender dominance, more evidence of growing emphasis in the media
Female gender focus in Earther society a function of nature of Orion Empire
Female gender, purpose for, from a simultaneous point of view
Female incarnational psychic experience lets spirit re-familiarize shimself
Female incarnations and Final 3rd density incarnations
Female incarnations used as instruments of the game
Female physical energy dependent on re-charge from male bodies
Female programming plays into the hands of the alien meddlers
Female superiority in Orion societies, discussion of Orion ‘princess’ Mode
Female use of crying to induce male submission, discussion of
Female victimhood, discussion of various modes predominant in the USA
Females blaming problems on males, external victimhood and
Feng Shui and Yin/Yang, discussion of
Fighting the things that you have learned, the result of
Final 3rd density incarnation, characteristics evolve from Dominant choices
Final 3rd density incarnation, interaction with dominant incarnations
Final 3rd density incarnation, the ‘omega’ of 3rd density experiences
Final 3rd Density Incarnations, expections and reality
Final Event: The End of Our Galaxy Game
Final incarnation, Awakened, has no belief in any religion, but may have earlier
Final incarnation, end of,
Finite number of Higher Selves choose incarnation on Earth in 3rd density
First Law of the Universe – like attracts like, discussion of
Focus levels, experiential description of
Forced Conformity as a method of suppression of individuality and expression
Fourth density, lower, description of sub-bands of activity within 
Fourth density, mid, belief system areas, description of
Fourth density, near-Earth vibrational matrix, forthcoming changes in 
Freedom and The Game 
Freedom of choice as part of learning experiences
Freedom of Religion in America, discussion of the myth and the reality
Freedom of Speech in America, discussion of the myth and the reality
Freedom of speech, suppression of, attempt to homogenize Earth population
Freedom on Earth and the Law of Allowance, discussion
Freedom, false, under polarity situations in The Game
Freedom, meaning of, as related to different US political factions
Freedoms in the USA, the myth vs. reality
Frequency, as generated by planetary bodies, related to Higher Self of planet
Friends and associations, narrowing your list as you spiritually evolve
Friendships, closest, are in same sex people, reason why
Friendships, darkside and lightside polarity issues in relation to
Full awareness in incarnation would nullify most experiences on 3rd density
Fun side, one’s
Galactic EndGame
Galaxies and The Game
Galaxy Quest, portrayal of aliens shape-shifting into human form
Game Creator(s), Rules and Body Identification
Game Encouraging Cults of Personality 
Game Monoliths 
Game Over: The Moment of Knowing
Game Pyramid Schemes, hierarchical structures and methodologies
Gay Marriage and The Game
Gender circles, mixed, shorts and energy surges in
Gender experiences chosen by Higher Self for specific unique reasons
Gender problems, the fable of ‘adam and eve’, discussion of
Gender related social factors originating with male-female energy dynamics
Gender role reversals, discussion of
Gender Sexuality Loops and Very Advanced Incarnations 
Gender split, more on the challenge of dealing with the result of the
Gender, choice of incarnational experienced based on, reflects spiritual maturity 
Genders are a 3rd density experience only
Genders as artificial constructs to manipulate the androgynous Spirit
Genders leaving heterosexual relationships to be with same gender
Genders, experience in all genders as a learning for the Higher Self
Genders, reinforcing the limitations of, through social ceremonies
Gender-specific demands reflect body-ID orientation, violence against women
Genetic Lines and the ‘Awe of Authority” Loop 
Genetics as a sequential preoccupation resulting from body identification
Genie Complex, the
German Concentration Camps, Israel and The Game
Ghosts, discussion of ghosts and areas of temporal distortion
Giving away personal power, low and mid-level incarnates
Global Conditioning, a historical overview of
God, America and The Game
God, concepts of deity and religion in the West
God, the concept of, in deity worship and religion on Earth, discussion
Gods: DNA Command and Creation of Them
Gold Energy Protection and the Religious Icons as Dark Energy Portals 
Gold light, more on the nature of gold light for protection and defense
Good and Evil as concepts, in terms of polarity and perspective
Government and suppression of alien existence essential to isolate Earthers
Graduation Events 
Graduation Key and Earth’s Planetary Spirit 
Graduation Key and Post-Graduation Gathering 
Graduation Key Crop Circle 
Group behavior patterns as related to minion incarnations of Earth spirit
Group mentality, discussion of, as related to Earther society
Group vs. Individual Progression
Groups, female body id ‘rights’
Guides and ‘guardian angels’, the true reality behind the New Age fluff
Guides and the Higher Self
Guilt during initial curious sexual experimentation, discussion of
Guns, the need for, discussed in terms of portrayal in various sci-fi series
Habits are indication of unbroken experiential loops to be overcome
Halloween Observations
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, comments on the movie
Hate crime bills and freedom of speech, discussion of current trends in the USA
Hate Crime concept as a Lightside polarity expression
Hate, want The Game wants people to do
Head Scarf Ban
Heaven and Hell, as concept inventions of the polarities for control purposes
Herd Mentality, Victimhood and Victimizer
Heterosexual bodies DNA coding does not permit spirit to control advancements
Heterosexual lifestyle, a deeper look into the
Heterosexual orientation, definition of, in terms of DNA code suppression
Heterosexual sex acts to reinforce alien DNA commands
Heterosexuality, why the Orion plan is a perversion of Spirit
Hierarchical structures of planetary control
Higher densities, appearance in terms of size of beings on
Higher Densities, expression of individuality is inherently a part of activity on
Higher Self and What No One Else Can Do For You
Higher Self as a ‘living intellect’
Higher Self as the depository for all incarnational experiences
Higher Self Choices – Earth and Non-Earth Incarnations
Higher Self decides the path of each incarnation in terms of desired experience
Higher Self Departure – Game Graduate
Higher Self desires to have incarnations progress and make better choices
Higher Self EndGame Incarnational Humor
Higher Self experience within both polarities necessary to appreciate Balance
Higher Self incarnational tests change in nature as one progresses 
Higher Self incarnational tests on3rd density prepare you for higher densities
Higher Self incarnations, difference between sequential and simultaneous
Higher Self Individuality
Higher Self intervention as portrayed in episode of Farscape
Higher Self intervention with external events
Higher Self intervention, an example shown on television
Higher Self potential, maximization of, after Final 3rd density incarnation dies
Higher Self preferred path, misfortunes that occur when incarnation strays from
Higher Self Pre-Incarnational Assessments
Higher Self presentation of alternative choices to an incarnation 
Higher Self requires experiences in both Dark and Light polarities
Higher Self Signature Vibrations and The Game 
Higher Self testing of incarnational progress and choices
Higher Self tests are a means for the Higher Self to determine what else you need
Higher Self tests of spiritual progression, embracing
Higher Self tests, detailed discussion on
Higher Self, an exercise for connecting with your
Higher Self, as your only completely trustworthy guardian
Higher Self, authors initial journey within the
Higher Self, communication with incarnations, discussion of
Higher Self, definition of
Higher Self, description of incarnational Nexus within the
Higher Self, incarnational images within the
Higher Self, incarnational stream data, advanced discussion on
Higher Self, reliance on, characteristic of Very Advanced incarnational levels
Higher Self, vibration, discussion of
Higher Self: Game Graduation and the Return of Memories
Higher Selves and The Game: More Information
Higher Selves and The Graduation Key 
Higher Selves saw Orion DNA controls as opportunity for rapid growth
Higher Selves that decide not to play 3rd density Game, another variation
Higher Selves, can work together at incarnational levels on mutual goals
Higher Selves, Mimics and ‘Chit-Chats’
Hitler and his preoccupation with genetic lines
Home Ownership in America, discussion of the reality behind
Homeopathy, methodologies work with the immune system
Homosexual orientation most connected to animating spirit
Homosexual orientation, definition of, in terms of DNA code suppression
Honoring An Icon 
How do you know if you made the right choice for you?
How does the Higher Self choose incarnational experiences?
Humans and eating
Humans as a food source for reptilian races
Icke, David, a review of his perspective of ‘interdimensional reptilians’
Icke, David, lack of realization of susceptibility to own DNA commands
Identity, discussion and definition of
Imagination, limitations imposed by light side polarity
Immune system attacks as a facet of The Game
Incarnating Paths and Higher Self Individuality
Incarnation, definition of
Incarnation, low-level, as dealing with basic 3rd density experiences
Incarnation, low-level, detailed discussion of characteristics of
Incarnation, mid-level, experience of deterioration in religious belief systems
Incarnational experience and emotional control
Incarnational experience becomes a memory after physical death of body
Incarnational experience, Higher Self choice of, based on increasing parameters
Incarnational level refers to amount of each level in ANY incarnation at any time
Incarnational Levels – Being Satisfied Being You
Incarnational levels can alter during the progress of an incarnation
Incarnational levels can remain fixed during most low and mid-level experiences
Incarnational levels, defining
Incarnational levels, mixture of, within a specific incarnation, examples 
Incarnational Levels, more on
Incarnational Loops and The Game, from a galactic viewpoint
Incarnational Missions and The Higher Self
Incarnational transitions
Incarnations, Higher Self improvement through experience of
Increasing Sequential Agenda Pressure 
Indigo Ray Children and the Window-of-Opportunity Event 
Individuality as the basis for the simultaneous incarnational Higher Self path
Individuality of each Higher Self remains even when all merge into One later
Insectoid Aliens
Intellectual knowledge vs. application of knowledge in life
Intolerance has body-identification as its source
Intolerance, Conformity and Earther Incarnations
Inviting The Challenges 
Isolation, sense of, during progression, and attempts by others to drag you back
Journey To The Emerald City
Judgments, discussion of the concept as relates to action and social programming
Karma, concept involves a belief system but no actuality without belief
Karmic-style religions, discussion of, and alien origin of mindset
Keep Toilet Paper Handy! 
Keeping Focus During A Wild Card Event & EndGame 
Kennedy, John F., his famous quote reflects sequential thought patterns
Keywords and filters in warmongering experiential loops
Kneeling to another, origin of the custom
Korea, North, the dark government of
Lack of comprehension of concept of 3rd density Final Incarnation by mid-levels
Language in the USA, discussion of the controversies around
Last Moments of Life, as a personal event, discussion of
Laughing, finding humor during dark times
Law of Allowance, application during the EndGame
Laws of the Universe, Attraction, Intention, Allowance and Balance
Laws of the Universe, incorporation into life activity by Advanced levels
Leaders and Followers, in Mid-Advanced polarity groups
Lesbian energies, discussion of
Lesbian orientation, discussion of gender needs
Lesbian/Gay positive media and court rulings indicate DNA command breakdown
Liar in Chief
Library on Focus 27 and Past Events, discussion of
Library on Focus 27, extensive discussion of the
Library on Focus 27, graphic depiction of
Life as ‘sacred’, clinging to the concept as a feature of 3rd density light polarity
Life extension mindset, sequential origin of the
Life is Sacred concept as a fixed DNA structural loop to be overcome by spirit
Lifetimes, incarnational, as related to variety of experience
Light and Dark polarities, how they feed each other 
Light polarity and the subject of 2012
Light polarity attempts to alter The Game, examples of
Light polarity delusion and the Law of Allowance, discussion of
Light polarity fears based on death and dying, discussion of
Light polarity myths about what higher densities are like, discussion of
Light polarity tendency to want to ‘preserve all life as sacred’, discussion of
Light side activities that feed energy to the Dark polarity
Light side polarity feeding Dark side polarity, discussion of process
Light Trap, ‘Re-entry device’, polarity control influences at Monroe Institute
Light trap, alien, as related to human death experiences
Light Trap, as described in Matrix II
Light tunnel trap and alien hijacking of human experiences
Lightside and Minion hand-wringing over the extinction of planetary species
Lightside belief in ability to ‘change’ the Darkside
Lightside groups calling for a rising up against The Game, feeding the Darkside
Lightside groups, leaders and tactics
Lightside myths about the alien quarantine of Earth
Lightside phrase, “I’m doing this for your sake/benefit” and similar declarations
Lightsider deceptions, agenda and accompanying mythologies
Loneliness is a direct indicator of advancement in incarnational level
Loneliness, appearance of, during progression, as a test of your resolve
Loneliness, commonality of, as related to withdrawal from Game playing
Looking for ‘Loopholes’ in the Game because of dissatisfaction with circumstance
Loops, Body Identification, “Youth’ and superficial ‘Beauty’
Loops: required to be experienced before they can be overcome and broken
Loosh, discussion of this term in Far Journeys
Love and Light, concepts of Mid-Advanced lightside polarity groups
Low and mid-level incarnations, variance in Higher Self experience in
Low or mid-level incarnations, nature of experiential loops for
Low-Advanced level, interest in psychic info but not personal development 
Low-level incarnations, choices by the Higher Self of, and random experiences
Low-level incarnations, predisposition to worship aliens and their technology
Low-level, mid-level and advanced incarnations are all You at different stages
Mad Mad House
Magical Mystery Tour 
Major decisions of life, obstacles caused by faulty decisions, discussion of
Major religions attempting to create a planetary belief system
Male bodies as the giver of Life
Male incarnational bodies, choice by Higher Self of bodies for advanced states
Males fighting over females, discussion of
Manipulation of public mindsets through Problem-Solution-Reaction activities
Marriage as a sex-based experiential loop
Marriage, living with someone you are incompatible with, discussion
Marriage, practice of, as related to control issues
Marriage, strains during, indicative of mid-level transition toward advanced level
Marriage, the experiential loop of, progression out of
Masochism and Sadism, as polarities, discussion of
Mass death events, discussion of, in terms of astral events that follow
Masturbation, discussion of
Matrix III Volume Two
Matrix V and EndGame, discussion of the relationship between
Matrix V Gold Edition, and Astral Events which paralleled its release
Matrix V material, reader comments on
Matrix V materials, problems in dealing with, when not prepared
Matrix V, Guide or ‘bible’?
Matrix V, how to maximize the experience of reading the book
Matrix V, possible for project to exist because of loophole in The Game
Matrix V, requirement to read the book as who you really are, not as the body
Matrix V, to whom this material is directed
Matrix, the movie – the Game is NOT represented by the film
Matters of Balance, observations on
Media circus around event of 9-11, discussion of
Media manipulation scams involving race and body identification mindsets
Medical system and drug dependence, EndGame manipulation and the
Medical systems and the health of the body, social programming 
Memories intact with sequential incarnates on Earth, an advantage for them
Memory and simultaneous incarnational experience
Men who want to open their heart chakra, discussion of
Men, the process of taking back power given away to social tradition and custom
Men’s awareness, discussion of the social concept of
Mental preoccupation with the external, rather than the internal
Merkaba, sequential incarnates and the
Michael Moore, discussion of views put forth in Stupid White Men
Mid-Advanced incarnates, looking for shortcuts to learning
Mid-Advanced Level: Thorns with the Flowers – David Icke’s materials
Mid-Advanced Levels of Progression, greatest conflicts of body and spirit in 
Mid-Advanced levels, predominance of female body incarnations are in
Mid-Advanced Levels: The False ‘Summit’
Middle East conflict understood in terms of alien faction background
Mid-level incarnational perspective involves identification with physical body
Mid-level incarnational perspective, result of need for more complex experiences
Mid-level incarnations thrive on restrictions and traditions
Mid-level perspective transition into advanced involves psychic exploration
Mid-level perspective, movement forward and backward within
Military and police as the enforcement arms of Darkside paranoia
Minion behavioral characteristics, some parallel activity in animal world
Minion incarnation, the mark of, the ‘paw print’ sticker
Minion incarnational presence on Earth as a facet of EndGame
Minion incarnations and embedded memory of nature of animal group spirit
Minion incarnations as being absolutely necessary for fascism to exist
Minion incarnations retain Nature Spirit wave progression mentality
Minion incarnations will defend the existence of the current system to the last
Minion incarnations, incarnation of animal spirit into excess human bodies
Minion incarnations, the perversion of, from planetary spirit perspective
Minion population expansion causing deteriorations on a planetary scale
Minion talk, speech patterns, group behavior patterns
Minions and Earth Changes
Minions, Aliens and The Game
Minions, manipulation of, by The Game, susceptibility to external stimulus
Minions, sexual orientation predominantly bisexual
Minions, stirring up the, as EndGame progresses
Misfortune, apparent, as part of the learning and experiencing process
Mistakes, concept of, and the learning process
Money, US currency, discussion of the ‘in god we trust’ motto
Monitoring The Matrix V Project and The Graduation Key 
Monogamy, a reptilian command
Monogamy, the inside story on this deceptive control mechanism
Monroe Institute, examples of sequential concepts and control influence at
Monroe Institute, out of body research and polarity influences
Monroe’s meeting with some of his own incarnational threads on the 4th
Monroe’s recommendations for the advanced incarnational perspective
Montauk Project, darkside project and its time loop, discussion of
More On “Conscience”, The Game and Higher Self 
More On Dark, Light and Sexuality 
Moses and Egypt, christian tales which illustrate reptilian infighting
Motherlands and Fatherlands, expressions involving alien influence
Movement from awareness of 3rd density to awareness of other densities
Mugging The Body’s Command Structure 
Multi-Density Experiential Pathways, Players and Earth Incarnation – Charts
Multiple personalities – a new perspective
Mutation of sexual activity into non-spiritual methods, S&M, B&D, etc.
Mystical Abilities and The Game 
National Security concept as an excuse to deny information to extend agenda
Nationalism, the current trend in the USA toward dictatorial mode
Native American tribes, views on homosexuals in their society
Nature Spirit Assistance to Earth Spirit Evolution
Nature Spirit incarnations, more on
Nature Spirit Realm, more information on the
Nature spirit realms, one of the purposes of the
Near death experiences, unique nature of
Need for opposite gender indicative of an unbroken experiential loop
New Age Guilt, Lightside polarity concept
New Age phrase ‘in my last incarnation’, analysis and discussion of
New Age religions as a cage for the spirit after experience with one-god religions
New Age religions, discussion of the problems inherent in
Nexus of Time and Emotional Fire
Nexus of Time, in Higher Selves on the sequential path, discussion of
Nexus of Time, point within Higher Self for incoming 3rd density experience
Non-Game player Higher Selves are less advanced than those who play The Game
Numerology and Matrix V 
Oaths and pledges, as an act giving away personal power
Observation: Iraqi Farce - Dark Forces on the Move
Observations and American Doubletalk
Observer mode in terms of spiritual progression, discussion of
Observer, being the, during times of chaos, necessity for
Observing vs. Playing The Game 
Ones path, critical junctures and forks, as experience for you to make choices
One-world thought patterns, promotion of sequential thought patterns and
Origin of deity worship on Earth
Orion DNA Sexual Component, breakdown of the
Orion Empire positioning as a possible planetary Wild Card
Orion Empire, recent change of leadership leading to more tyrannical modes
Orion factional influence on Earth, discussion of
Orion Princesses and EndGame Earth 
Orion Queen, mocked in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland
Orion reptilian symbolism as portrayed in the series Farscape
Orion Sex Patterns: Alice in Wonderland
Orthodox research on consciousness and experience levels, cultural perspectives
Osama Bin Laden, discussion of the ‘war on terror’ mindset
Out of body experience, prevalence in society
Pagan and New Age Deities and their worship
Parallel Realities 
Parallel universes, as related to concept of densities and dimensions
Participation in activities, decisions involving
Passion, emotional, control of
Past lives, concept as an alien label meant to misdirect simultaneous incarnates
Path Choices and Consequences Revisited 
Patriotism and The Game
Patriotism concept as a Darkside polarity expression
Patriotism, mindset requires people to become polarity dupes
Pedestals, the concept and the social predisposition to put others on top of
People who look for external sources for contacting their Higher Self, discussion
Personal laziness and the quest for spiritual knowledge
Personal power, mid-level perspectives constantly give it away to others
Personal power, reclaiming, as result of realization of the nature of The Game
Personal Teachers and ones personal development
Personalities, incarnational, never lost in memory, but are gradually outgrown
Perspective in Chaos & Simultaneous Path Purpose 
PETA, as organization composed of minions and lightsiders
Phrase, ‘Do you think you’re better than me?’, sequential mindsets and origin
Phrases, “He/she died too young”, “It didn’t have to happen”, re: body death
Physical Death – The Unchangeable Event
Physical sexuality as spiritual expression on the physical 
Playing the role of ‘Higher Self’ in certain computer role-playing games
Pleiadians, homophobic nature of, discussion
Pleiadians, Meier contacts, homophobic nature of 
Pleiadians, where they fit into the scheme of things 
Polarities and EndGame, scenarios require both polarities to be very active
Polarities are in imbalance as part of the nature of The Game
Polarities in the Media, each polarity paranoid against discovery
Polarities on the move, discussion of deceptions inherent in polarity moves
Polarities, both, needed so that The Game experience can function as designed
Polarities, dependence on low-level incarnations and their allegiance 
Polarities, root fears of, blending
Polarities, strengthening of, during ‘drum-beating’ continuing during EndGame
Polarities, your factions are no longer significant to advanced perspectives
Polarity activities on the astral, discussion of
Polarity and Racism – A Closer Look
Polarity confrontation during EndGame period, typified
Polarity Control, the challenge of undoing excess
Polarity Control: Love 
Polarity Icons and EndGame 
Polarity Illusion, Game Subtlety and Balance 
Polarity manipulation of Earth to be a sequential path planet
Polarity manipulation of The Game, general discussion of
Polarity of emotions, as related to emotional control
Polarity thrives on control of others and denial of developmental experiences
Polarity, Dark, embracing aspects of, relative to Balance, discussion of
Polarity-based social organizations as arms of the sequential controllers
Police state mindset as increasing in society, examples
Political correctness, a concept involved with suppression of individuality
Political deceptions and lies based on polarity orientations
Post Game Period – Review, Compare and Share
Post-Game Earth, discussion of
Posturing, a prime function of the physical due to alien DNA tampering
Posturing, the attempt at trying to lure the opposite gender, short history of
Power Issues, Wisdom and Final Incarnations 
Predatory Females
Predetermination, religious belief in, discussion of
Pre-Game Memory Block and Ritual Controls
Pride Issues & The Game
Priesthoods, as part of sequential control hierarchies
Problem – Reaction – Solution agenda during EndGame period
Progression of incarnations, body-ruled to spirit ruled dynamics
Proof and Path Events 
Propaganda from polarities, discussion of
Propehcy Cautions
Protests, historical reality shows success only where The Game will benefit
Psychotic Governments, Sequentials and EndGame
Questions and The Game
Questions to The Author
Race and victimhood, discussion of predominant example in the USA
Race, categorizing people by, inherent flaws in practice
Racial variety in bodies as one of the hallmarks of Earther Higher Self experience
Racism, darkside polarity, characteristics
Racism, lightside polarity, characteristics
Racism, polarity sides and
Raelian’s and their declaration of open cloning project, discussion of
Random chance situations, growth potential in
Real Wonders: Beyond 3rd density Earth
Recommended reading on Out of Body experience
Recommended resources and useful developments
Regression from advanced level back to mid-level because of event connected fear
Reincarnation, as an alien label meant to misdirect simultaneous incarnations
Rejection and The Final Incarnation 
Rejection and Very Advanced Incarnations 
Religion and polarity fixations
Religion and Rituals
Religion and victimhood, discussion of various predominant groups
Religion as an experiential loop experienced by 3rd density incarnations
Religion as another alien control device to inhibit spiritual growth
Religion as control devices which promote external search for ‘salvation’
Religion, another look at the winter holidays
Religion, as the opiate of low-level incarnations due to fear of external forces
Religion, organized, as a prime hate-generator on Earth
Religion, participation in, characteristic of mid-level incarnational perspectives
Religion, perspectives on, as related to stages in Awakening process
Religion, realization of the true nature of, in Mid-Advanced Levels
Religion, return to in later age, by mid-levels, as unbroken experiential loop
Religion, sequentialization conflicts arising during EndGame
Religion, the holidays of ‘good friday’ and ‘easter’ 
Religion, views on, movement from ‘fear based’ to ‘tradition-oriented’
Religions, karmic-style, discussion of, as related to alien origins
Religions, low-advanced level, predictive methods and psychic development in
Religions, represent a ‘rock in the road’ in an incarnational path
Religious belief system areas on Focus 25
Religious Deception, Control and The Game 
Religious Dietary Restrictions 
Religious rituals, discussion of types of rituals and their effect
Religious worship and the feeding of astral entities
Removal of hats, a ritual with Orion origins, discussion
Reproduction of that which is experienced by the Higher Self from memory
Reptilian acclimation processes, and Harry Potter films
Reptilian commands, weddings and birthing events, discussion
Reptilians Against Gay Marriages
Reptilians, Orion Empire, totally bisexual physical orientation
Ressurrection of the Body, discussion of the popular sequential myth of
Restlessness, feeling of, as experienced by a Final during process of Awakening
Review: 9/11 In Plane Site 
Rewarding the body with small things allows less hindrance to developing spirit
RH Factor and alien genetic factors
Rituals as means for control and reminding a person of their ‘place’
Rituals, reptilian fanaticism about
Road rage
Rocky road vs. smooth road during incarnational paths
Role reversals, gender, discussion of
Rote Translation
Routines, resistance to change in, indicative of mid-level perspective
Rule of Law: Polarities’ conceptual Offspring
Same gender affection, reaction from body DNA commands
Same gender sex, desire highest among married men with children
Science Fiction Universes
Scooby-Doo, lower astral being activities shown in film
Search for a Quantum Key 
Searching for ‘the higher power’
Self-deception inherent in warmongering and patriotism concept loops
Self-Reliance, Self-Development and Matrix V Gold Edition
Selling one’s soul, popular conception, discussion of
Sensory experience of 3rd density stored forever within the Higher Self
Sequential Agendas: Concentration Camps and the European Union
Sequential and polarity agents pass themselves off as ‘ascended’ with followers
Sequential and Simultaneous paths, comparative time spent in each
Sequential Compliance and Nature Spirit Wave Path Incarnations
Sequential concept influence embedded at Monroe Institute
Sequential Conspiracy Theorists 
Sequential Control Devices and EndGame Earth 
Sequential Deception: “Equality” and EndGame
Sequential Higher Selves, have not overcome gear of independent operation
Sequential incarnates and the Merkaba
Sequential incarnates on Earth, general discussion of
Sequential incarnational path, graphic depicting
Sequential Infiltration
Sequential influence and The Game
Sequential influenced planets in galaxy, discussion of
Sequential influences, technology and The Game
Sequential Involvement on Earh During Endgame
Sequential Issues Disguised As Simultaneous, and More 
Sequential Laws
Sequential mode Higher Self path, movement to Simultaneous path 
Sequential Path and American Theocracy 
Sequential path body id females, victimization as a favorite control device
Sequential path Higher Selves changing to Simultaneous path, progression
Sequential path, the Game is started on the
Sequential Plan: Equality and EndGame, domestic partnerships and more
Sequential preoccupation with genetics and other body-related concerns
Sequential quest for a technological solution to spiritual development
Sequential technology dependence and spiritual laziness
Sequential vs. Simultaneous incarnational dynamics, comparison of
Sequentialization Body ID 
Sequentialization of Earth and Sudan 
Sequentialization of Earth During EndGame
Sequentialization Self-Examination 
Sequentialization, Conformity and Graduation
Sequentialization: Conditioning The Masses 
Sequentializing Earth: Control of Speech 
Sequentially incarnating Higher Selves
Sequentials and Earther Bodies 
Sequentials: Always Looking for a Non-Existent Shortcut
Sequentials: Erran Interference on Earth 
Sex and The Spirit
Sex with spiritual bonding, concept and practice of
Sex, love and control issues in the battle between body control and spirit control
Sexual abuse in the catholic church, exposure reveals waning usefulness of church
Sexual orientations, progressive, learned quickly on simultaneous path
Sexual prisoners, the situation that often arises in relationships
Sexuality as an important key in unlocking who you are
Sexuality, Control and Spirit – A Deeper Look
Shamanism, New Age, and the concept of ‘power animals’, discussion of
Sheti (Greys) and abduction of humans
Shim, definition of
Shock & Awe = Shekinah
Short-circuiting of suppressive DNA codes seen in homosexual orientation
Shorting Out by DNA Command
Signs, the Mel Gibson movie, discussion of the alien concepts in the film
Silent Warnings
Silver cord, Higher Self attachment to the physical body, discussion of the
Silver Cords and Densities 
Simultaneous and sequential incarnations, the role-playing analogy
Simultaneous completion of all Higher Self incarnations, process, description
Simultaneous Earther incarnations of a Higher Self occur in all time periods
Simultaneous incarnate varieties of experience on Earth, discussion of
Simultaneous Incarnation Higher Selves and EndGame
Simultaneous incarnation overlaps and ghosts
Simultaneous incarnational joys
Simultaneous mode Higher Self incarnations being pushed from The Game
Simultaneous Path Planet, Earth as one in a long line of, on galactic level
Simultaneous vs. Sequential Displays 
Sin and accompanying guilt trips, concept and discussion on
Sin, concept of, can be thought of as another word for independent experience
Sirian and Orion takeover of low-tech planets
Sirian factional influence on Earth, discussion of
Sirius, the Dog Star – Sirian influence on The Game
Situations that keep coming back into your life, reason for
Slavery and Victimhood, as difficult aspects of The Game, discussion of
Slavery, existence of, as part of the 3rd Density Game experience
Sneezing ritual, the ‘god bless you’ phenomena
Snobbery, the use of, when you start to spiral out
Socialism and welfare concepts as sequential social control devices
Special children, lightside polarity concept and sequential incarnation reality
Spirit control over the body, discussion of
Spirit re-familiarization of shimself with real identity, female incarnations and
Spiritual growth possibilities optimum in gay or lesbian body
Spiritual healing, deceptions inherent in the New Age mindsets
Spiritual maturity as it relates to ability to explore densities
Spiritual strength comes from a spirit tempered by the consequence of decision
Spirituality, emergence of, as realization about nature of ‘religion’ occurs 
Spirituality, Shallow Waters of, observations on polarity activities
Spiritually immature, recognizing the
St. German, discussion of concept as part of the reptilian programming
Stagnation is the result of application of conformity on a society
Star Trek genre and the quarantine of Earth
Star Trek Nemesis, discussion as related to production of clones
Star Wars III, Balance and EndGame 
Starting a new incarnational level of activity begins with a review of previous
State and church, separation of, political reality, discussion
Statue of the Dragon at the UN
Stupid White Men, author Michael Moore and his book
Subjugation of male gender by female gender, discussion of the Orion agenda for
Suffering as a lightsider belief system
Suicide as another kind of experience
Suppression of Individuality in society, discussion on
Suppression of male gender, relationship to return of Orion Empire
Suppression of thought and freedoms by the US government, discussion of
Surrogates, use of, by Dark and Light polarities, to intimidate simultaneous
Swan Lake, Arthur Fiedler’s 1963 recording of
Synchronicity as part of the dynamic of evolution
T-1 takyon capsule, discussion of, in the face of EMR and media onslaught
Taken, the television series, comments on
Tasks defined as gender-specific are a ‘thumb’ on your crown chakra
Team concepts and group approval – sequential diversions to stop development
Technological Assault on Head Chakras and the Silver Lining
Technologies, use of, as related to densities and dimensions
Technology and Higher Densities 
Television, Electronic Attacks, Trust and EndGame
Terror Alert Levels, the use of, to manipulate and induce fear
Terrorism and global politics
Terrorism and The Game
Testosterone, as a subject of social discussion and media pursuit
Tests and the Higher Self, detailed discussion on
The ‘one life to live’ mindset, discussion of
The Age of Aquarius and The Game 
The Arrogance of Personality 
The Cancer of Orionization 
The Cross and The Dark Agenda 
The Fear of Knowing 
The First Experiential Loop – Part II 
The Galactic Center and EndGame 
The Game and Galaxies
The Game and One-Godders
The Game and Participation in It
The Game and Political ‘Correctness’
The Game and Terrorism
The Game and The Players
The Game and The Players, analogies and considerations
The Game and Zodiacal Vibrations
The Game on Earth, the Ultimate Goal of
The Game Players – A Review
The Game, definition of
The Game, examples of behavior that embodies various Game principles
The Game, information on the basic rules of
The Game, intellectually knowing about it, but still playing it, discussion of
The Game, latter incarnational stages of the 3rd density game
The Game, origin of the expression
The Game, Universal Laws a major suppressed undercurrent in 
The Game, using the concept of ‘freedom’ to create conflict
The Gods Must Be Crazy, the film
The Great Dictator, 1940 movie and a current symbol for The Game
The Higher Self and Search for Family 
The Journey
The Law of Attraction
The need to do different things for variety in life, discussion of
The Passion & Iraq Comments
The Real ‘God’ and ‘Satan’
The Time Machine, commentary on the movie as related to the concept of time
The Vibration of Game Rebellion 
The 'Year From Hell' Update
Third Density addicts, Orion/Reptilians are currently
Third Density Endgame
Third Density EndGame will continue on for a while after our departure
Third density experience outside The Game on Earth by those on sequential path
Third density game scenarios, when the young Higher Self encounters
Third density incarnational experience is a training ground for higher densities
Third Density, the need for technology as existing only on the
Three Advanced Level Projects on Earth During EndGame
Time period, current, aspects that relate to why all of this is happening now
Time scenario, false linear, fed by sequential-based concepts at Monroe
Time Travel and The Game
Time, American Freedoms and Incarnational Visitations
Time, as portrayed, does not exist; and the illusion called ‘time’ is not linear
Touch therapies and minor melding
Tradition, concept of, as related to mid-level perspectives in American South
Traditions, continuation of, commentary on
Trance Formation of America
Transitional levels during incarnation can produce rapid movement
Trophies, the social concept as used for manipulative control purposes
Trust in your Higher Self as a vital point
Trust, your Higher Self is the only being you can totally trust
Unconditional love, the myth of
Understanding Rote Communications 
Unexpected events as Higher Self tests of incarnational progress
United States of Deception: 'Freedom Tower'
United States, analysis of astrological profile of 
United States, divisions in the social setting that depend on fear
US Supreme Court & Gay Ruling
Use of Technology as related to Spiritual Advancement
V and V-The Final Battle, television series depicting reptilian incursion
Value judgments on other Higher Self experiences wraps one in polarity
Verification processes in progression for advanced female incarnations
Very Advanced incarnations combine female creative and male physical aspects
Very Advanced stages and the acquisition of psychic experience and talent
Vichy Iraq: History Continues to Repeat Itself
Victim mode, ‘I know, but …”
Victimhood – A Sequential Tool 
Victimhood and Body Identification, comment on the urge to cling to, in media
Victimhood and Slavery, as difficult aspects of The Game, discussion of
Victimhood and victimization as a control device
Victimhood persecutors, examples of
Victimhood phrase, “I had no choice”, comparison with self responsibility
Victimhood Statements, Attitudes and Actions
Victimhood, a sub-polarity within the Dark and Light polarities
Victimhood, represents a ‘rock in the road’ in an incarnational path
Victimizer Tactics: Label Usage on Countries and in The Game
Victim-victimizer, alterations between, in The Game
Violence against males, media encouragement of social acceptance of
Violence by women, as increasingly depicted in media and environment
Violence, discussion of the concept and the use of
Voting and The Game
Vulcans, as seen in Star Trek, and the issue of ‘emotional control’
Wake up calls, means by which the Higher Self lets you see if you are as you claim
Walking the talk, advancement reflects the ability to live what you know is true
Warmongering and Patriotic Loops, Experiences and Balance
Warmongering and Patriotism
Warmongering loop, the
Wars, conflicts, and experience
Watching and Observing, difference between
Weddings as a ritual continuing reptilian control over people
Wellstone, Senator Paul, discussion of his death
What higher densities are NOT
What kind of approach to EndGame events should I have?
What must be overcome to depart the game, examples of
What will happen when we leave and sequential path HS want simultaneous?
What will happen with various incarnational modes when 2012 period arrives
What’s a Higher Self incarnate to do in the current planetary situation?
When all your 3rd density incarnations are over, drawing in all the threads
When Earth’s Vibrations Get Too Heavy
When people die and are heading toward the light, does this mean alien agenda?
Where the idea of ‘we are all the same’ comes from
White Light, effect of the New Age concept of surrounding yourself with it
White light, use of, as the polaric ‘badge’ of the Light Side
Who Gets Shot At? 
Who Matrix V Gold Edition Volume Two is intended for 
Whoopie Goldberg as an example of someone who overcame genetic obstacles
Why aliens fear advanced incarnational perspectives on Earth
Why can women have exclusive meeting places, but violate male groups?
Why do males try and attach themselves to a group of females?
Why do most people fear being who they are? (as related to Body-ID loops)
Why do people remain in bad situations?
Why do so many people refuse to accept the consequences of their actions? 
Why do women always invade areas where men get together?
Why do you dislike other races?
Why do you do what everyone else does?
Why do you feel you have to get married again?
Why do you feel you have to have children?
Why do you have to get married, have to be involved with the opposite gender?
Why do you stay with another person if you are miserable?
Why is it that women aren’t generally happy about being women?
Why it takes hundreds of incarnations to proceed from 100% low to Final 
Why most woman think they have to get married
Why Simultaneous incarnational paths are more advanced then sequential
Why some gay men are always looking for love
Why the American Government Cries ‘wolf’, polarity-based theatrics 
Why the Earth is a planet of drugs with the USA as the headquarters
Why the Star Trek scenario will not happen here on Earth
Why There is No Matrix V Internet Discussion Group
Why? Why? Why? Ask your Higher Self
Wicca and paganism, as most prominent advanced solitary religious experience
Wild Card, definition of, as an event of global impact
Wild Cards, discussion of potential events and dynamics
Wild Cards, Events, and Participation, discussion of 
Wild Cards, Polarities and Intervention 
Wild Cards, potential global events that may impact EndGame play
Window-Of-Opportunity Event 
Withdrawal from The Game as related to withdrawal of polarity participation
Wiz, the, discussion of metaphors found in the 1978 movie
Wizard of Oz, discussion of metaphors found in the 1939 movie
Woman’s awareness, discussion of the social concept of
Women, exploitation of, and the myth of female beauty
Words and socially programmed fears connected with them, discussion of
Words, concept of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ words
Words, duplicitous use of, by US media, discussion of
World War as a planetary Wild Card, discussion of
Year From Hell: Gateway 2003 and More
Yin-Yang concepts of ‘balance’ fall short of spiritual connections
You are where you are for a reason
You cannot ‘die’ before your ‘time’
You just dropped dead. Now what?
Zigzag, Body ID and The Game
Zodiacal vibrational patterns do not exist separately but together on the 4th
Zodiacal Vibrations and The Game