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Announcement"We stopped publishing books in 2011. Our focus then turned exclusively to managing the LE Journal Online, which is now limited to existing and former members only. A very limited time exists for us to be here. I will update the site as long as I am here and the internet works. Thank you for your patronage, and best wishes to you in your continuing journey in reality. 

Matrix 5 Vol. 4 -Updates   | Takyonic/EM Protective  Devices  
Four Basic Universal Principles
Allowance, Attraction, Intention & Balance

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Transitional Materials for Those Moving Beyond The Game 

This is essentially what we have discovered, after decades, when all is said and done:

The Real Matrix: Above and Beyond 
Introduction to Matrix 5, by Val Valerian
Introductory Primer Based On  Advanced Experiential Knowledge and Observations 
by Val Valerian

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Grupo De Investigación Internacional Del Borde Principal
Gruppo di ricerca Internazionale Del Bordo Principale



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