"Ray Children" and "Walk-Ins"

Post Publication Segment - 8 January 2007

Copyright © 2006 Leading Edge International Research Group

Previous segments have touched on the bogus phrase ‘children of the indigo ray’. These are children who demonstrate abilities not known for average Earthers of the same age groups. They go to college before simultaneous path Earthers do, even pre and early teen years. They do things as children that no simultaneous path Earther could ever do. If you perform a search on the internet, you’ll discover that they are not limited to the ‘indigo ray’. St. Germaine (popular New Age ‘master’ who Lightsiders fall all over) refers to the ‘ruby ray’ children. Then I’ve found the ‘blue ray’. Maybe there’s a magenta ray and a chartreuse ray and who knows what else ray. You might discover that the color of the ray indicates the alien group responsible for incarnating on Earth and posing as standard Earth children. Of course they are not likely going to claim a ray color, but rather just dazzle the locals with their precociousness. 

This is due to their past life memories being intact. Hence they are far cleverer than they will ever let on in public. They will never tip their hand. They are here to pass as Earthers for agenda reasons. Lightsiders fall all over these types as here to ‘show us the way and unite us’. Oh, they fully intend on showing the way and uniting the planet – in a sequential manner. Keep in mind that a sequentialized Earth is the bottom line of all alien agendas. Lightsiders live to swoon to the mesmerism of sequentials. They love all the lofty phrases and disarming smiles that the ‘galactic federation’ or whatever alien group passes along as the ‘only way’. Only ways, straight and narrow, etc are various phrases that sequentials have for their paths which is why religions have this as one of their control devices.

This past week, BBC America had a minor news item about a 14 year old child who sailed across the Atlantic solo. They reported that he started sailing at age 6. His record of solo time across the Atlantic beat the one previously set by a 15 year old child! Another question to consider is what kind of parents allows a 14 year old child to do this? Brazen sequentials – they are getting bolder and bolder as EndGame progresses. Meanwhile the Lightsiders and easily impressed fall all over them. 

Besides these sequential ray children, another sequential manipulation is the ‘walk-in’ types. This is another way for sequentials to disguise themselves among the simultaneous population. These claim to have ‘walked-in’ and replaced the former spirit in order to tell and show the lowly Earthlings how they should be living. They dispense ‘guidance’ and amazing ‘revelations’ from ‘superior beings’ and ‘hidden sources’. Again, Lightsiders and the naïve fall all over them. They DO know things. They also rearrange what they know for an agenda purpose. They freely dispense sequential concepts along with truths, semi-truths and outright lies while fine-tuning their approach. 

The premise of a walk-in is that ‘the body’s spirit no longer needed that physical so another one took shim’s place’. However, a Higher Self has specific plans for all incarnations. Simultaneous path incarnations just don’t ‘get tired of the current experience’ and ‘decide to move on’, giving the lease on the body to another Higher Self. 

There are genuine sequentials posing as walk-ins. There are also delusional Lightsiders who pose as walk-ins. The former are part of an agenda. The latter are wanna-be’s and caught up in some serious incarnational loops as part of their experiences. It is up to these to wake up from the love & light funhouse.

It is the sequential walk-ins that should be noted, especially when the walk-in gives information and perceived direction to Earthers. They may discuss ‘secret groups and plans’, but they have an agenda in doing so. It is not necessarily to assist us but rather to try and get us to assist them. They may reveal parts of a competing sequential agenda, one that they are opposed to. 

Read or listen to what a walk-in has to say. You can gain knowledge that you could not otherwise gain while an Earther incarnate but you need to handle the knowledge carefully. There are thorns among the roses. I advise taking a wait-and-see approach on their ‘predictions’. One of the latest ‘predictions’ is that China and the U.S. ‘are going to war with each other in the near future’. Time will tell. Even if it does come to pass, many will give away their power to this type for making a correct pronouncement. They do this to public psychics all the time. 

It’s also one thing for a psychic type to make predictions. That’s what they do. However you don’t have government agents giving reports about a China/US war, stargates, aliens, etc unless it is part of an agenda.

Sequentials are very clever. They have all those incarnations to pull from. Simultaneous path Higher Selves are more Advanced than their sequential counterparts, but Game rules block the knowledge we have gathered as sequentials. 

Remember to hold your power within and not give it away to any side-show that happens to appear with a new act that is astounding others. Watch, listen, observe and sift through the never-ending flow of information on Earth during EndGame. Pre-Graduation is making the aliens very nervous since they cannot find a way to abort it on the Earth Spirit. (There is no way to do so.) Trust in YOUR Higher Self.