Who Are You? Why Are You Here? What is Your Path?  What Does It Mean?

An Introductory Primer Based On 
 Advanced Experiential Knowledge and Observations

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 by Val Valerian

In truth, YOU are not your body, gender, race or the sexual orientation of the body you are using as a vehicle for experience. Your nature is that YOU are an absolutely unique living energy being of tremendous capability, which is experiencing life on 3rd density Earth.  You as a unique individual are your Higher Self. You have always existed. You were never created. You are currently extending part of your energy into this dimensional frequency, connecting it with a physical body as a vehicle for experience (incarnation) . 

Incarnational Experience - a developmental process of Self-realization and spiritual maturation using one or more projected threads of awareness into 3rd density organic bodies, used as vehicles in order to acquire experiences, using multiple scenarios and developmental processes, eventually yielding enough spiritual maturity in the Higher Self allowing departure from the Game, allowing more capable functioning within more expansive areas of reality.

You are not your incarnation, but you adopt an interactive Persona in the incarnation, the formation of which is based on your experience, the depth and variety of which is unique to you in that specific incarnation, as well as the limitations and control structures of the genetic DNA programming in the body you are using.  Your incarnation is here on Earth for experience and learning, which will prove valuable later on when you move to experience on higher levels of reality. There is a lot to know about the whole 'body' experience too - that's also covered in Matrix V.

You are on a journey, through the use of the incarnation, to acquire different experiences and, in some of your incarnations, add the experience of seeing how far you can go to discover your true real nature. You have decided to play The Game here on Earth - just for the experience.   A significant attribute of this 3rd density universe, and the galaxy in which we reside, is that experience takes place in a setting of very polarized patterns which are a behavioral function of incarnations connected to an immature Higher Self used to progressing within groups, not as an individual, and to the exclusion of others, in some fashion. This function manifests itself as 'dark' and 'light' polarity functions with a full spectrum of 3rd density experience in between. True Balance is something only a Higher Self begins to acquire when one eventually no longer needs to collect experience on the 3rd density through organic bodies. In fact, the only sense of 'balance' in the third density is in fact a 'yin/yang' type balance, which is overtly pawned as being the 'only' kind of balance' by those in group mindsets. In terms of polarities, Earth is located in a Dark Polarity section of the Galaxy. Dark polarity manipulates because it can. Light polarity manipulates because it thinks it knows what is best for you. Both sustain themselves with the energy from each other. They feed off each other. 

Pre-Game Phase 

Before the Higher Self chooses to participate in the 3rd density Game with its experiences (not all Higher Selves do).

Higher Self Sequential Incarnations

Experience in the 3rd density begins incarnational experiences which occur, sequentially, (the predominant mode in this density) into one organic life form after another, over and over (re-incarnation), often retaining much of their memory from 'previous' incarnational experiences. It is the mode of experiential gathering that is predominant in the 3rd density universe. Higher Selves at this early stage progress in groups (they look close together, almost like a 'carpet', on the 5th density), and operate within group mind sets, where everyone more or less thinks the same, dresses the same, and behaves the same, and certain types of experience within the group is prohibited and subject to various penalties. Every planetary society 'out there' in the galaxy operates this way, in the group mindset format. You have already 'had' hundreds of thousands of incarnational experiences over eons of time in this mode, on a great many worlds all over the galaxy. 

The predominant incarnational pattern on 3rd density is, as I have said, Sequential, in which Higher Selves only experience one incarnation at a time and haven’t evolved to the point where the Higher Self chooses the simultaneous path. Incarnations are experienced one-at-a time. A Higher Self in the slower sequential mode 'reincarnates' into planetary societies that progress as a 'race', as a group or as a planet. Individualism is suppressed. Everyone thinks the same way, looks the same. Anything that doesn't support this is forbidden. Technology and Science as tools of control (to preserve the group) is the prime focus.

Sequential incarnations retain the memory of 'previous' lives, as well as all the baggage, and have continuity fears because they are very Body-ID oriented (very little Spirit-ID) . Ever seen a child prodigy who speaks like an adult, plays piano like Mozart at the age of 4, etc? A sequential incarnation. Sequentials will predominate in this Galaxy for billions of years after we are gone. If your Higher Self is in simultaneous mode, you have already experienced perhaps hundreds of thousands of sequential incarnations within this Galaxy. Group mindsets are where the concept of dualism (like 'good' vs 'evil') and polarities come from, wherein a group protects itself using technology together with the operators of security, sensation and power to achieve that objective. The Matrix III series relates many aspects of how this takes place on Earth, and Matrix II covers the exploits of sequential 'alien' interaction with 'sequentialized' planetary power structures and the abduction of humans, etc., but the why of it all, on a deep level, can really only be gleaned from the Matrix V materials. Progression and advancement of knowledge and awareness occurs over time. When I wrote the previous books, I was where I needed to be in order to write them.

Everything ‘alien’ to Earth comes from a sequential format. All the conformity, control, manipulation, racism and divisive belief system patterns and conflicts have been inculcated on Earth for to suppress the unique individuality expressed by incarnations of Higher Selves on the simultaneous path, in an ill-fated attempt to divert incarnational progress toward more advanced perspectives outside cultural boxes and to ‘protect’ sequential incarnations and societies from the ‘contamination’ of individualism and more evolved perspectives which threaten group mind sets. When you hear people say "the truth is out there", know that this is really a deception. Prejudice is a sequential concept.

The "can't say this", "can't do that" of sequential tyranny (so familiar in the USA of today) reflects sequential control through technology, using security, sensation and power to 'preserve a way of life' through the promotion of belief systems and conflicting polarities/factions. The more perceptive sequentials and their lackeys abhor the fact that Matrix V even exists at all, for it finally exposes the why behind what they do and exposes what they're really about. It was meant to be. There's a lot more to that story, but that's covered in the M5 series. 

Higher Self Simultaneous Incarnations

Since progression is a function of existence, the nature of The Game on 3rd density provides for the next stage of 3rd density incarnational experience. Gradually, over eons of 'time', Higher Selves advance beyond the sequential growth stage, become more mature and individualistic, and make the choice to use the  3rd density incarnational progress not sequentially, but simultaneously, wherein more than a thousand incarnations on Earth, through different time periods, are experienced by the Higher Self, simultaneously. You have simultaneous incarnations going in every race, gender, religion and body sexual orientation. 

Look at the drawing above. Out of those Earth incarnations from your Higher Self (more than a thousand at once), there are three or four that are termed 'Dominant' and one incarnation from your Higher Self, slightly out-of-phase with all the others, that is termed your 'Final' 3rd density incarnation. Once your 'Final' incarnation is complete (where/whenever it is in the time stream on Earth), all the energy streams which interpenetrate the 3rd and 4th densities are drawn in to your Higher Self, and your Higher Self moves upward into another density to begin another level of experiences. Your Higher Self has always existed, has no limitations and can create anything. This is basic information.

Since all incarnations from your Higher Self are essentially YOU (experiencing through different bodies and persona), enjoy being 'who you are' and make the most out of the incarnational experiences you have. Incarnational experiences of your Higher Self (first sequential, then simultaneous) comprise a very small part of your total experience as a Higher Self. Experiences on this level of reality (through the use of organic incarnational vehicles) prepare us for experiences on higher levels of reality, within which most of our experiences and creations occur.

Earth is the current incarnation point in this galaxy for Higher Selves using simultaneous incarnational mode. There are a series of planets, each with their own EndGame scenario, that function as a location for 3rd density experience for those Higher Selves who have simultaneous incarnations. In our Galaxy, there is already another planet designated to fill this role when EndGame comes to a conclusion on Earth. There are many more to go after experiences end on this planet. After that, all Games on a Galactic level will end. The Game was ultimately created by Higher Selves. Each Galaxy is ultimately created by Higher Selves as a place to house Galactic experiential games. Each Galaxy has a unique variation of The Game. You chose this one.

If your Higher Self is on the simultaneous path, experience is accumulated through a great many different unique incarnational points (more than a thousand, all YOU, experiencing) simultaneously throughout the phased space-time continuum on Earth in order to gain experience, maturity, knowledge and wisdom for use as a basis on which to further expand your experience at more refined density levels. 

In order to effectively maintain multiple incarnations simultaneously, memory on the incarnational level of pre-incarnational knowledge is blocked, in order to eliminate interference in the experiential process. The Higher Self retains memory of all experience.
No, you don't really need to take pictures, except as an incarnational exercise. You can relive any experience that you have accumulated, anytime, once your awareness is withdrawn from the body, when it no longer functions, and is refocused on a higher density. 

Another Facet of Life on Earth - Nature Spirit Incarnated in Organic Bodies

Because of the nature of the organic body and nervous system, by resonance, it can be an attraction for Spirit of more than one nature and path. There are  bodies whose occupying Spirit comes from the animal kingdom, because due to the DNA breeding command structure there are many more bodies than needed by Higher Selves for sequential or simultaneous incarnational processes on Earth during EndGame. Humans animated by Spirit from the animal kingdom currently comprise an amazing 65% of the planetary population on Earth at this time. These 'people' love to be fed, watered and taken care of, riot at the drop of a hat, feel a relationship to animals and nature and love to interact in mass crowds. You know the type. No real 'spark' in their eyes. Ever wondered why things on Earth 'change' but remain the same and even from a sequential viewpoint the civilization never seems to advance at any meaningful rate? That's part of it. They make wonderful slaves and a real food source for some dark groups. Soon enough, however, they'll all be exteriorized back into nature type spirit where they really belong.  EndGame is in progress. We are at the historical end of this civilization right now. 

The Matrix V Gold Edition Series

All of this and much, much more is discussed in great detail within the Matrix V series. I have only discussed some basic material above on a very superficial level.  Better to read the material in the books, wherein the Author goes into detail, speaking to the Spirit who is YOU, not the Persona with its quirks, experiential loops and other 3rd density experiential patterns. The books are destined ONLY for incarnations with very advanced perspectives (see the sub-title of Matrix V) who have greater depth and variety in experience then the average, my guess is probably 3000 - 4000 people on the whole planet. They are not for the general public, per se. You will know if it is meant for you in your current incarnational path. 

If your current incarnation doesn't understand any of this or feels it's 'off the track' in terms of your current incarnational perspective or engrained belief systems, just push it aside, and press on with your 'life'. In any case, my advice would be to place your trust in your Higher Self and the experiential value of whatever unique incarnational path you pursue.

  Excerpt from Matrix 5 Gold Edition (Volume 1) 
Copyright © Leading Edge International Research Group. All Rights Reserved.

"Remember, judging/good & evil are all 3rd density control devices. They don't exist in higher densities. They are all just different experiences. Few of you who read this can handle what goes on in conversations among those who have long overcome the false limitations of 'the sacred body'. When you don't support the physical's supreme stance, you can be labeled 'morbid', 'insensitive', 'unfeeling' or whatever. These terms are all used to enforce the body's control over the spirit. Once the spirit has matured enough, usually in Very Advanced and higher incarnations, you begin to see the body for the dead end, temporary vehicle it is. " The body/life isn't 'sacred'. NOTHING is sacred. If anything, EXPERIENCE is what the Higher Self treasures. Every experience /sensation that the Higher Self has had can be duplicated on higher densities exactly as it was on 3rd density."