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Matrix V Gold Edition - Volume III - The Journey


PUBLISHED from 2005-2011 

 Matrix V Gold Edition, Volume III, The Journey, September 2005, Leading Edge International Research Group, Yelm, WA 98597. Edited by Val Valerian, 8½ x 11 Velo Bound, ~300 pages. Prerequisites: M5 Gold, Volume 1, Quest of the SpiritThe Ultimate Frontier and M5 Gold Volume 2, The Graduation Key, both of which are necessary in order to fully comprehend the 3rd volume and the body of information as a whole.

The book begins with an introductory commentary by Val, relating some of the dynamics in his life and his path which led to establishing the Matrix concept and eventually to the Matrix V Project. This is followed by the Author's introduction to the third volume, The Journey. The book adds more than 60 new Q&A and more than 120 segments to the Gold Edition series, including more than 30 new, previously unpublished segments containing very expansive information, written in conjunction with the developing energy dynamic of this book. Previously unpublished segments for this volume include such subjects as The Galactic Center and EndGame, Balance and the Higher Self, Parallel Realities, Mystical Abilities and The Game, Polarity Illusion - Game Subtlety and Balance, Astrology and Game Design - Wild Cards, Polarity and Intervention and, of course, The Journey, which, together with all the other segments, woven intuitively into a specific order, make Matrix V Volume III a very advanced piece of work and brings the whole body of knowledge full circle.

The third volume also contains a color plate and, naturally, an invaluable fully integrated index covering all three volumes of Matrix V Gold Edition - a real tool for the reader for locating concepts and subjects in more than a thousand pages of material, as well as the expression and progression of them throughout the three volumes. If you are ready to expand your perspective even further, this is an opportunity to engage very advanced material in preparation for what is to come. The total Matrix V Gold project, covering all three volumes written over 5 years, contains more than 600 segments and more than 560 Question and Answer pairs (many containing information not covered in the segments), effectively creating more than more than a thousand potential keys and sub-keys for those for whom the series was written.  

Some  ongoing Volume III reader comments:

"I have been reading MV3 very slowly. As I read, I feel as if there is some deep download taking place. My dreaming has intensified to the extent that I am seeing perhaps glimpses of other simultaneous incarnations. In my dreaming I have seen myself as a multitude of individuals. At first I did not understand, but this has quickened even more so after I placed MV1-2-3 on top of each other, when I did this and closed my eyes, I saw a massive array of what appeared to be hieroglyphs. I do not understand them, nor profess to know what they are, but intuitively feel that some aspect of self does know what they mean. I saw them glowing in blue sapphire lettering which later turned / morphed into gold. I also saw them – in a crystalline form. So I have started to paint them as they may be of use during this facet of my incarnational stream. All I can say obviously that you have published and put together a brilliant piece of work that is needed at this time. There is more that I have seen and felt, but it remains beyond words. The challenges really increased now but the flip side of this has and is a presenced and profound peace. Calm. Deep calm. I have no idea where my life (current) leads to me to, but with the MV series I have one helluva compass and guidebook. Looking up to the sky one afternoon, I saw what appeared to be a higher self jelly floating on by. Tremendous joy flowed and still does to this day." 

"Stunning.  I've just read the new sections and Q&A and will now read every page again. I'm sure it will take a couple of readings to absorb it all, but it's an amazing journey of discovery. So many insights and impressions scroll across my mind as I read the materials that I shall have to write them down as I go.  Thanks to each of you for fulfilling your paths and in being associated with the M5 project.  Wonderful!"

"M5 V III is a wonderful, powerful tool".

"When I held the book in my hands, my reaction was extremely emotional. No electric currents this time, but, instead, a gradual build-up of emotional intensity over the span of a few minutes. It was not sudden or explosive, but rather slowly and gently increasing in intensity, until it brought me to tears. My golden aura field also grew in intensity during this. The whole thing lasted around 6-7 minutes. The vast scope of the feelings I was bathed in during those minutes is beyond written language. I noticed a few by-passers looking strangely at me during this, but I can't tell what it was that they saw. There was also some visual imagery that I can't consciously remember now, except that there was a lot of Gold energy filling the entire scenery." 

"When I opened the box and saw the cover, it was very powerful. Your introduction is wonderful and thank you for that as well. I now have them stacked together, as advised. Holding them in this formation doesn't have any words to describe the experience. Without all your hard work providing these books and the website for all of us, none of this could have come about. I am so grateful for the perfection of all things, and it never ceases to amaze me either."

"I have received my copy of The Journey. The information is truly amazing. Thank you for all your time and energy to get this information out to those Higher Selves who are ready for this material."

"The first word that comes to mind is Wow, as there really are no words! I looked at the cover of M5Gold and thought "Knowledge of the Higher Self", with Volume II came "Graduation Key" and with Volume III, "Graduation". In other words, the artwork depicted so perfectly the message, at least for me, that these key words became part of my experience. I've only been able to read the introductions as I am just too tired at night after work and I want to be very alert when I read it. I'm setting aside lots of time this weekend and am getting up early to read in the mornings starting tomorrow. This is so exciting. I know you must be enjoying it as well." 

"I just finished reading Volume III. I then took the previous two Gold editions and laid them on top of each other as you described. Being at some level of Advanced, I didn't know if I would experience anything. I turned off the lights and held the books for a while. After about a couple of minutes I could swear seeing the Gold Key rotating and also could see the double Helix. I stared at it for a good time, rubbing my eyes to make sure I wasn't making this up, after all, I have not had any psychic abilities this incarnation. When I turned the lights back on it went back to the regular depiction of the gold beam/light. I really hope I didn't make this up because I felt that I was in some way contributing. Anyway, this just happened a few minutes ago and I felt compelled to send you this note. Volume III was incredible. Your segments on the Journey and One event sent a profound warm feeling throughout my body." 

"In my inward searching, I've known for a long time that I was going to be part of something very important, even if in a small way. After reading "The Journey", I believe that the Matrix Project is one of those important parts, though there may be others. The Matrix materials have altered my life dramatically--a tremendous amount of freedom was the direct result of the knowledge and wisdom contained. As I read through it, I realize that much of this information I knew already from my searching inside--but the confirmation I feel as the books were read has been uplifting and liberating. Although I understand and directly relate to most of the information, I haven't been able to see it all, but I am content with where I'm at. I'm looking forward to what I sense will be experiences beyond description. Everything you have written has and is coming to pass, and the darkness we will face must occur--for where the graduates are headed, every bit is worth it."

"Receiving Volume III was the best birthday present ever. Thank you. My questions are constantly being answered by the books and I don't want to start messing with things beyond my understanding at this point. Anything else worth noting was the fact that I burst out in tears every time I want to read Volume III. Haven't quite figured out (me with my cheerful disposition hasn't cried for years) what causes that."


Note to Readers from the Author:  I am Not Interested in Chat Groups, Email Lists or Skype invitations

This note has been long overdue. Ever since M5 has been published, I pretty regularly get invitations from strangers to be on readers’ chat group, mail group or Skype. Not once have any of these people asked me first if I wanted to be on such, they just ass-u-me that I will accept. This also goes for phone numbers on the bottom of emails.  I will not accepted any of these backdoor invitations. What do you offer to make me want to be in direct communication with you?  What benefit is it to me to be on your list?  If you can’t approach me in email first and explain why and what I will get out of it, then save your time.




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