Introduction to Matrix V
by The Author

From Matrix 5: Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier  - 2nd Edition

Copyright 1988- Leading Edge International Research Group

Back in the early fall of 1999, I felt that I must begin sharing my experiences and observations as a Final Incarnation. This started as emails to Val and a couple other friends. After a steady stream of information, Val decided to put many of them on his Leading Edge web site ( Now that, plus much more, is here in Matrix 5. Who would have thought?  

I sit here with a 1 and 3/8" stack of printouts of everything I've sent in email form. This material was never intended for the general population because the general population would not be able to grasp it, so deeply entrenched in The Game are they. The only ones who would be able to grasp this icon-smashing material are Final Incarnations and, to a great degree, Very Advanced incarnations. My advice to anyone reading this material is to deal with it individually. If you read sections that make you want to scream, 'that just can't be so', just push it to the side. Remember, your path blossoms like a flower with many petals, gradually, until you shine in your Final Incarnation, and so does your awareness.

Questions about the material have been encouraged and my responses, to these questions, are included in Matrix 5. I enjoy the questions. So many of them have stimulated me to reveal even more information. If you have questions on my material, I invite you to send them directly to me at I answer each genuine inquiry about my materials. If you still prefer playing much of The Game and think yourself capable of quoting the fictitious jesus or other religious traps, save your time as these comments are deleted to the trash bin they belong in. Fortunately, very few of these Game-induced comments have found their way here. 

The Game, as you will read in Matrix 5, is the illusion known as 3rd density life with its polarity-induced controls. Dark and Light polarities and their silly games, many of which are discussed in here, fortunately do not exist in the levels beyond 6th density.

Polarity games are like grade school: lots of spiteful kids, bullies and control groups. All these are designed to keep you from knowing who you are and to give your power to others. Polarity is well depicted in the yin-yang symbol, but, contrary to popular belief, the symbol does not depict Balance. Balance is the expert blending of the two polarities into one. There is a balance of polarities in our galaxy. Some areas heavily Light while some areas are heavily Dark. There are even a few areas where they are roughly in parity. Unfortunately, Earth is in a Dark polarity area. There is nothing that can be done to change this at this time, by individuals or even groups. Dark on Earth, via organized religions, governments, society and secret groups, has too firm a control. The Game must be seen to its ending. Robert Monroe knew this as well.

When a leak or challenge confronts The Game, Dark and Light (depending on which polarity feels threatened) are quick to martial forces to quash or discredit the leak, thereby minimizing the 'problem effect'. As Robert Monroe said in Ultimate Journey, the Final Incarnations on Earth, during his lifetime (died 1995), were not interested in ending The Game, but only in their individual self-improvement quests. His Higher Self was the only one, at that time, that took up the challenge, not to alter the system, but to try and awaken other Final Incarnations and to stimulate Advanced incarnations to develop even more of their potential.

I am one of those he was successful with and am taking it much further than Bob was able to. I also have no doubt that he was considered a threat and was heavily monitored. This was why we believe that he was unable to release Ultimate Journey in its original form. He told my group that publishers refused to print that book in the way he wanted it to be in print. This was most unfortunate. Bob said the rejecting publishers told him that people couldn't handle what he had to say.  I've also discovered Monroe's Higher Self chose an incarnation I've never heard of before, a Split Final. When alive, he had mentioned that he knew he has a parallel incarnation in Russia as a woman 'doing the same thing' he is doing in Virginia. Only his Higher Self can explain why this unique route was taken, however, and it did diminish each of his two Final segments to a certain degree. Once his Russian incarnation is finished, the Split Finals will merge into his single Final Incarnation.

Each Higher Self will choose experiences and a Path unique to the needs of that individual Higher Self. The trap of conformity is one that would have you deny who you are. Polarities thrive on conformity. Be like us, vote like us, hate like us, hurt like us, reward who obeys - all these are polarity controls. It really grates them when you say, 'I don't care what you do, just leave me alone'. A typical comeback they enjoy using is the guilt trip: sin, hell, 'god', etc. That's when you should use a line by Glinda the good witch in Wizard of Oz, 'Begone or a house may fall on you, too'. Yes, begone, you have no power here, especially once you are Awakened.

The Earth life system is very addictive. It takes many hundreds of incarnations to regain your spirit (Higher Self) control and spiral out of The Game. As you try to break free, the Earth life system addicts swarm around you with lots of guilt and even threats for your not conforming. You are very vulnerable here, for not only are you dealing with these external gadflies, but also you must subdue the physical's long programmed history and DNA commands. It isn't until you reach your Final Incarnation that you have the spiritual maturity to finally and totally do so.

My material mentions much about alien genetic manipulations on Earth. These alien groups look on Earthers as insignificant, as food and as slave labor. The word 'Earthling' is alien in origin. Like 'duckling' or 'hatchling', they refer to helpless newborns needing control . Marvin the Martian loves to use that word. You really should rebel against that term in favor of the correct term - Earther. If someone refers to themselves as an Earthling, do explain what that means to them. You certainly don't here 'Marsling' or 'Orionling', do you?

A prominent facet of our current time period is the growing emergence of female domination and the abuse of males. Not only gender abuse, but also anti-while drum beating is going on, thus making EVERYONE a victim of one sort or another. There have never been so many victims on this planet as there are now. This plays right into both Dark (sadistic) and Light (masochistic) plans. Light loves being the eternal victim while Dark enjoys its role as victimizer. These roles will continue to exist as long as polarities exist.

The female problem is due to Orion DNA commands for the intent of open membership in the Orion Empire, which is reptilian female controlled. Their violence is mirrored in the increasingly violent western (primarily American) females. These situations will grow increasingly severe until the Wild Card Events move fully into play. 2012 is not an arbitrary date.  Female dominance is pure Dark agenda. they seek power, control and obedience.

Even though the Greek philosopher, Virgil (possibly a Final Incarnation) said this a very long time ago, it applies ever more so today, "Foolish is the man who trusts a woman". The corresponding phrase of this is, "Foolish is the woman who thinks she can change a man". Of course, this depends on the level of the Higher Self accepting the female challenge. There are a small percentage of exceptions to Virgil's observation, but it remains a good rule to keep in mind. However for you Game players, you have much to learn.

These messages are meant to make you think, hence the in-your-face style I've chosen to use in some sections. The gentle awakenings of Light side connected people are not meant to really Awaken you, but rather to keep you asleep. My use of certain buzzwords in the materials is attention getting. I also use common language terms. You will better understand what I say if I don't send you racing for a dictionary every few words. FAR too much is written in mystery and parable. There is a need and a desire for plain talk. I recognize that and give that to you.

There are many things I'd like to reveal, but English is language-variety poor. For example, the one word 'love' has many, non-related meanings. However, in some languages, you can find several dozen words for snow. Monroe refers to 'rotes' which are entire concepts passed between spirit beings in one motion. The rote contains EVERYTHING connected to the event shared. I have rotes for which there are NO words in English to translate into. For these, you will have to either discover them on your own (such as in the Library on Monroe Focus Level 27) or be patient until you can receive them as well.

I have given you an interpretation of the cover art for Matrix 5. THERE ARE KEYS YOU NEED IN THAT ARTWORK. I suggested, to the small group I lectured, that they concentrate and meditate on the artwork. You are transmitting the image from your eyes, up your energy cord and into your Higher Self for processing. This can prove to be a major assist to your advancement. I have an 18x24 poster of that artwork hanging in my bedroom where it can be the last and first thing I see in relation to sleep. It is in the body's sleep periods that you can receive important information. If you feel so inclined to work with the artwork, you should be able to purchase a copy of the cover art in either 18x24 or 8.5x11 inch formats from Val, once he makes them available.

Events are going to take a turn for the worse VERY soon and quickly. Both Val's and my Higher Selves have given a sense of urgency to get this material out and available to whomever might need it. We wouldn't get these pulses of urgency unless something BIG is about to happen. Those who are meant to have Matrix 5, will have it.  I urge you to read, not only my materials, but also the 3 volumes of The Handbook, included in Matrix 5. Robert Monroe's trilogy: Journeys Out Of Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey will give you a huge amount of information on what is out there, especially in the astral. You will learn about the belief system areas (level 25) and the advanced areas (level 27) and the Library, Healing Center and so on. This trilogy is available or orderable from any local bookstore.

For information on reptilian meddling, especially in modern day Earth, read David Icke's materials, such as I Am Me, I Am Free; Robots' Rebellion; and The Biggest Secret. David's web site is On David's site, you can read about Zulu shaman, Credo Mutwa who has some information on video about Ancient Earthers and the gender-splitting as well as Orion tampering in Africa. Arizona Wilder has a video on David's site dealing with more of the reptilian controls on Earth and names are named! Cathy O'Brien's book, Trance Formation of America is excellent and will reveal the disturbing depths of corruption in reptilian controlled America. David's site has many such nuggets of information.

All this is good to be familiar with, BUT resist becoming obsessed with it to the point that you stop your spiral out and get caught up in the details of 3rd density. Better to pass through these areas like a tourist looking through a window on a moving train. Take note, but keep moving.

Acharaya S is great to read. Her 'Christ Conspiracy - The Greatest Story Ever Sold' will tell you all plus more on the corruption known as christianity. This will be especially helpful for any of you struggling with removing the last vestiges of that poison from your system.

Something to keep in mind is NOT to judge yourself by where I am in my progress and on my Path. Each Higher Self's Path is truly unique to that Higher Self. You are not accountable to anyone BUT yourself. You will not be judged by anyone but yourself. No one has those rights over you. If anyone tries to control you tell them to 'fuck off'. 3rd density humans are so use to conforming that you don't realize conformity is limiting to individual expression. The way to proceed is to adapt what works for you, from whatever sources, and recombine all that into something uniquely yours. 

I've been trained as a astrologer, studied with the wiccans, trained by Native American shamans, etc, but I have combined everything into what I've proven works for me. This is also not a fixed event for me. I'm continually fine-tuning what I know and substituting something for what I've discovered works even better...for me.

The meditation I've given in Matrix 5, to connect with your Higher Self is very potent. When you use the format I've given in the materials, move slowly from your crown chakra down to your base chakra using the keywords given. I do this every night just before going to sleep while in my bed and in the dark. I get a burst of energy, especially from my crown and 3rd eye chakras when I do their individual word. Concentrate on each chakra when you do the keyword for that chakra. See what YOUR Higher Self moves you to do. Make the meditation your own but never forget that gold light is THE protective aura.

For those of you who have not been able to astral travel as of yet, I recommend Astral Travel by Gavin & Yvonne Frost. They have been friends of mine for about 20 yrs. This book is their astral travel course that they teach through correspondence via their school in West Virginia. The book can be ordered in any bookstore. When I first took astral travel, I couldn't do it. It took me 6 months of steady persistence to FINALLY make it out. It's like learning to ride a bike, you never forget once you've learned. The Frost's teach you how to travel through time and much more. I recommend the course, but the book is next best.

You must get a good background before dabbling into unknown areas. That's why Monroe's trilogy is so important and why, if you can't astral travel, the Frost book is so valuable. The more you learn, the fewer doubts you'll have and the better you can handle your fears. No matter what you can or cannot do today, you will be able to do at some other time or incarnation. Your Higher Self can be put off, to a certain extent, but cannot be denied. You WILL succeed.

Matrix 5 may be the most important book you will ever have. Most of the material is not available anywhere else on 3rd density. Some of it is jealously guarded in power/control circles. As I've said, the Higher Selves will not be denied no matter what the polarities think they may be able to get away with. So read Matrix 5, open yourself up to the experience.

Even if you cannot grasp it in its entirety, the messages will be registering with YOUR Higher Self, which will take appropriate steps for your Path. Your life, your incarnation will change after reading this whole volume. Go with the changes. See where they take you. Most importantly: TRUST IN YOURSELF.

The Author

May 2001