Book Review: Alien Interview by Lawrence R. Spencer

Post Publication Segment - 4 October 2008

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An M5 reader in Canada brought my attention to this book before it was released in trade paperback in America. It is now available from

Alien Interview is based on documents provided by Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy who was a Senior Army Air Corps (not known as the Air Force until 1952) nurse and stationed in New Mexico in 1947, the year when alien activity entered global consciousness with the Roswell flying saucer crash. The book provides her biographical information and how the editor came in contact with her and, subsequently, the documents Matilda mailed to him.

Matilda was born on June 12, 1924 and died in late 2007 in Ireland by “self-administered euthanasia”. Due to her significant contact with one of the aliens who crashed in 1947, she was placed in the Federal witness protection program and coerced into maintaining silence (chapter 16). The crash was caused by lightning. You’d think with all that advanced technology, they would have overcome that problem already.

The alien was one classified in the Gray groups: disproportionately large head, “about 40 inches tall”, “quite large” eyes that were very dark and opaque and had 3 fingers on each hand. This Gray had no mouth and communicated by telepathy (The Letter from Mrs MacElroy and Chapter 1 for more details).

Translating the observations of Mrs MacElroy into more Advanced, M5 level terms is necessary and a solid Matrix V background is needed to evaluate the materials properly. Mrs MacElroy was a Mid-level, as you can easily deduce from her statements. The alien felt very comfortable communicating with her. Sequentials find that Mid-level and Lightsiders are easily impressed by alien technology and ‘space brothers’ bullshit. Once one is easily awed by the aliens, they know they have the upper hand.

The alien states that it is not a biological being but electrical/mechanical in nature, requiring no food or water and animated by a sequential path being. The alien body has no genitalia, although Mrs MacElroy feels most comfortable referring to it as “she”. The alien’s name is Airl, a pilot, engineer and officer of an empire called “The Domain”.

Airl was crafty, as sequentials who visit Earth are, and refused to answer many questions even as to where her home planet is located. Yet would let it be known that it “it is futile to resist The Domain” (Chapter 9). According to Airl, The Domain controls ¼ of our Galaxy Gameboard. However Airl would also have us beLIEve that The Domain controls other galaxies as well. Spare me the propaganda. Conquest galaxy-hopping is not a feature of this particular Game, but when you are trying to impress the gullible, one needs to stretch the truth and wow them with your advanced technology, as Aril does.

Chapter 11 A Lesson In Science does just that. The Domain has graciously allowed the Americans to keep the crashed saucer and reverse engineer it (as much as possible – they know several features are totally beyond Earth capability due to metals and more not available on Earth). However this is where Earthers got fiber optics and more listed in this chapter. Planting advanced technology on Earth is a sequential ploy to suppress spirituality. As Airl says, “I am providing these details to you in the hope that the greater good of The Domain will be served”. Exactly!

Airl, being a captured officer of The Domain, does a great deal of double talking and outright lying. It is very clear that an agenda is being followed. The alien refers several times to bases in our solar system, both on the dark side of the Moon and in the asteroid belt. At first, Airl says that her people do not know she’s been captured, but later says how she is able to instantly communicate with the base in the asteroid belt for information on Earth’s history. How convenient. The alien also asked for and was given many books, periodicals on Earther history, mythology (yes, the damned bible was one of the books given), technology and more. Airl was able to craft her answers to her communications based on this information.

The alien states that their weapons capability is “very destructive” (very true). Their civilization is “ancient, trillions of years, above all others”. Asked to describe her home world, some of the words used are “large planet, wealth, order, power, culture, 2 stars and 3 moons”. What type of society? “Order, power, control, future always and grow.” Airl stated that The Domain is “the greatest, highest of all”. This is all reptilian. Power, control and expansion. The Grays have been part of the Empire and historically serve the reptilians in low and mid level ways. There are a variety of Grays. This Airl is just one of them. The continuing mission is to “secure, control and expand the territory and resources of The Domain”.

During the interviews, Airl refers many times to the “Old Empire” as preceding The Domain. It took me a while to evaluate these terms which I find are not exact, but convenient for the alien to use and cover-up what is really used.

The “Old Empire” would refer to the original reptilian empire that was male dominated. When the females, through great subterfuge and poisons, staged a coupe killing the emperor and installing a queen, this became what they call in this book, The Domain. Apparently the palace coup did not go over as smoothly as they wanted and male dominated sectors remain clashing with the female (who now control the home system). Read the book with this in mind.  This is why the feminine concept that Airl insisted on in the interview.

The alien only communicated (telepathically) to Matilda. There is a reason why that you discover at the end of the book. The alien said the others, who held her captive, were too afraid of her to hear her. Well, they brought in a couple psychics of the time, Krishnamurti was one of them, but none were able to communicate with Airl. My comment would be that the alien agenda prohibited it. Nonetheless, Matilda felt that the alien was lying in many cases and says so.

Then there is the matter of Earth and Earthers. In the first interview, Airl states that they are here to “protect the property of The Domain”. Yes, we are located in the Orion Empire’s quadrant. Sometimes, Airl describes Earth as insignificant (but they maintain significant forces in the area). Sometimes Airl talks about the Earth’s resources, but humans are mostly insignificant (except for food).

Apart from the many physical lectures from Airl are those that fall under the spiritual. In this area, the sequential aliens are very UNadept. Their spiritual levels are far less that that of the simultaneous path mid-Advanced and above. 

Airl uses the cumbersome (to me) word IS-BE to refer to the Higher Self. The alien would have Matilda beLIEve that the non-biological body is the incarnation of a sequential Higher Self. I am saying that this type of Gray is controlled remotely which is why it can be turned off (die). Whatever it is, it is the concern of a sequential path Higher Self who wails about the “loss of memory” of those of us on Earth numerous times in the book. “Every once in a short while, a few millions years, an area or planet will be taken over by another group of IS-BEs entering into the area”…translation to M5: this refers to a new simultaneous designated planet appearing. Earth being the current one. The sequentials just are not able to understand why. They see it as a punishment to lose memory. Remember that when one enters the Game, one does not remember before the Game. Part of the simultaneous path is to remember who you are and take back your power. The sequentials give away their power. That’s how this Game operates: give it all away and reclaim it on your own to Graduate.

How this alien carries on about Earthers’ loss of memory! The sequentials just are unable to comprehend that the leap of faith requires this memory loss in order to Graduate. To them this is a prison planet for nonconformists, artists and criminals. That’s how they label all those who leave the sequential path and enter the simultaneous.

Airl discusses the light trap which M5 readers are cautioned to be aware of and avoid upon death. It sucks you in and wipes your memory clean forcing you back to Earth for another sequential incarnation, according to her. They cannot comprehend our multi-simultaneous incarnations. We are not dependent on only one incarnation except your Higher Self’s Final, but that one is a whole other story.

Airl goes back and forth about The Domain being able to destroy these physical light trap devices but they just don’t have the time to do so. LOTS of double talk and lies here. While the empire is technologically superior, they are spiritually inferior, but would never take that kind of information well.

In Chapter 8, Airl states, “If The Domain sent ships to every corner of the universe (she means galaxy) in search of “Hell” (remember she read the historically fictitious bible), their quest could end on Earth. What greater brutality can be inflicted on anyone than to erase the spiritual awareness, identity, ability and memory that is the essence of oneself?”

The Domain is trying to “rescue” 3000 of their former members who are “trapped” on Earth without their memories. This is why certain alien groups hang around someone (Billy Meier, Alex Collier, etc) and try to convince them that they are one of them. I cover this in M5.

“The Domain does not suffer from these afflictions having the advantage of memory, longevity” as she sequentially states in Chapter 9. Sequentials and their memories. We were of that mind at one time, and then we took the leap of faith to simultaneous. They will have to do so eventually when they mature spiritually.

I can go on and on with comments on this. My copy of Alien Interview has lots of notes in the margins. However I will say that Chapter 11 is mostly true. There are several references to the Game and how Higher Selves get bored without a game to play. This is very Monroe and very true. They know that the IS-BE (don’t like that term)/Higher Self is an immortal, omnipotent, omniscient being. Yet, since they say it, why do they think an immortal, omnipotent, omniscient being can be forced to have shim’s mind wiped?

In this chapter, Airl refers to the Game as a version of hide and seek. How Higher Selves, through their incarnations, hide within the Game and have to seek others as well as discovering who you really are. Then, on the other hand, refers to the simultaneous path as “entrapment” rather than an important facet of the Game and necessary to reach Graduation.

Airl shook up the military when she discussed how the American government allowed Pearl Harbor to happen (Chapter 13). Remember this was in 1947. Then, as typical with Americans, they attacked Airl (Chapter 14) and the Gray body was abandoned by the controller.

The alien interview is the first half of the book. The second half is filled with footnotes, almost all of which I found as filler to expand the materials rather than being necessary.

Most unfortunately Lawrence Spencer says that he burned all the materials that Matilda mailed him. The front and back cover have some of the pages shown, but what a fear-based waste to burn them, but, at least we have the book.

I do recommend reading this book to get a lot of sequentially based information as only when a sequential gives it, can we simultaneous pathers get and tinker with it. A solid Matrix V background is needed to correctly interpret where the alien’s head is at and how to read between the lines of what the alien says. The alien in 1947 would have no idea that the materials would be available in 2008 and would be analyzed by the Author of M5. Trust in YOUR Higher Self and not some damned alien, no matter what the technology looks like.

*Note: By the way, speaking of aliens, I was sent this link that M5 readers should be aware of. The “Federation of Light” (spare me) has announced that on October 14, 2008, one of their huge spacecraft will appear on Earth’s southern hemisphere and remain visible for 3 days. This has been “confirmed by over 40 channelers”. The aliens say that governments will try to get to the ship, but its shields will prevent that. We won’t get to see who is operating the ship but they come “in love” but come “to assist” (remember V). They say they will bring “the Ascension” (probably human harvesting) in “love” (love that human…tastes like pork). The graphic near the end of the message has the up pointed triangle (Orion Empire science division).

I hope they DO show up. I’ve always wanted an alien Wild Card to be played, not that miserable financial Wild Card (that will eventually be played). The Lightsiders are having orgasms over this. I remember when Alex Collier said his aliens were going to fly over the whole planet so all could see them back in the 90’s and that never happened.

Well, Oct 14 is close and the full Moon. IF it happens, I’ll have much more to say. If it doesn’t happen, I won’t be the least bit surprised.