Matrix V Volume 5: The Gathering
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Segments are the core of the M5 project and they have been written in a progressive style. So many of them have been composed over the years (starting in 1999) and, every time I thought there was nothing new for me to write, along comes a new one. Welcome to Volume 5 of the M5 series, The Gathering. I am starting from where Volume 4, EndGame, left off, with new observations and a revelation or two along the way. Just like with all my earlier materials, they are not written for everyone or just anyone. Over the years people who were unable to grasp certain segments frequently ‘clutched the pearls’, gasped and whined about segments that challenged their perceptions. These are mostly holier-than-thou Lightsiders, the Pharisees of the New Age movements. Their perceptions are body ID and DNA command structured. Yet, that is where they are on their paths and that’s fine for them. M5 Gold is for those who are interested in spirit ID over body ID as well as overcoming those bothersome experiential loops that want to hold you back. For those Very Advanced incarnations, more keys will be included that may prove of benefit to you on your path, but you must find them via spirit. See where your path leads you and never forget to trust in your Higher Self for your destination. If you find something of interest to you here, then I’m glad for you. Writing new segments and more will be just because I enjoy this project immensely and my Higher Self agreed to do this project for EndGame. The popular Q & A also has returned and hopefully will be better utilized than in the past. I am not your personal adviser but will answer questions not answered by the proper reading of the M5 series. Volume 4, EndGame, is also gratefully still available to view.  If you know others who also read the M5 material and have access to earlier volumes and want more, please tell them about this site. Changes are happening at an accelerated rate. This is part of EndGame. If you feel increasingly unsettled being here, that’s a spiritual tap on the shoulder for upcoming Graduation. More on these events in segments here. Welcome to M5 Gold. The M5 Author is here to continue doing what he can for those for whom M5 is written. And, once more as I have said so often, trust in YOUR Higher Self!  -- The Author, March 2015  

  All Observations and Material Written By The Author 
After Release of Matrix V Gold Volume IV - Endgame:
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Body ID Loop Breaking Assistance - 05 July 2015
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Live From Berlin: Interview With The Author - 29 June 2015
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More on the Nature of Earther Human Bodies - 16 June 2015
MGTOW - Men Going Their Own Way - 05 June 2015
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Mercury Retrograde & Other Astrological Comments - 17 May 2015
Revised Higher Self Graphic - 28 April 2015
Galaxy Game Path Complexities - 20 April 2015
Myth of Equality - 17 April 2015
Vrinn & The Higher Self Artwork - 07 April 2015
A Further Look At Melding - 31 March 2015


 Note to M5 Readers, from The Author

This note has been long overdue. Ever since M5 has been published, I pretty regularly get invitations to be on readers’ chat group, mail group or Skype. Not once have any of these people asked me first if I wanted to be on such, they just ass-u-me that I will accept.

I have not accepted any of these backdoor invitations and never will.

Keep in mind that, unless I know you personally, you are a total stranger to me. Even getting one, from someone whose name I recognize as an M5 reader, you’re still a stranger to me.

Then there is the polarity thing: you want to have me on a list to (obviously) pump me for information concerning M5. What benefit is it to me to be on your list? The Q&A's are for general questions.  I am not a Lightsider, though, to satisfy your curiosities.

Anyone who has done this to me, or is thinking about it, if you can’t approach me in email first and explain why I should consider this, then save your time. These backdoor invitations have ALL been deleted and will continue to be such.